Reader’s Recipes, 3rd Edition!

This week for Reader’s Recipes, we have Mixed Fitness’s version of my Cocoa Hazelnut Banana Pancake Cake! Here’s a lil’ excerpt from his page, and his pictures are great for giving a how-to on how to make them. 🙂

I came across this recipe for vegan cocoa hazelnut banana pancakes last week and I couldn’t resist making them over the weekend. Mine didn’t look as fancy as the ones in the original recipe, but they still came out tasting great. They aren’t what I’d call healthy, so if you’re not trying to cut calories or if you’re looking for a cheat meal, try them out!

Thanks, Alex, for trying them out and I’m SO glad that you liked them!!

Have you ever made one of my recipes? Send it in to me with a picture or link to your post and I’ll show it on here!

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