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Mexican Macaroni & Cheeze

It may not be the very start of the month, but today is the start of a new bloghop! I thought for a bit that I wasn’t going to be able to participate in this month’s theme, but inspiration (and a little extra time) struck and I had my first dish made before I knew it! Of course, I had almost every ingredient on hand.. except for normal pasta noodles. But, I did find a bag of macaroni salad noodles in a deep, dark corner of my pantry; hey, it ended up working out great! It just looks a lil’ funny.

There is just one problem with this amazing macaroni and cheeze dish, it is HIGHLY addictive; so much so, that I ended up tagging it as #vegannicotine on my instagram. My friend Amanda and I were having a hard time keeping ourselves from grabbing thirds, but the fact that our tummies were full stopped us ahead of time. This dish has all of the comfort of traditional mac & cheese, but with the flare of Mexican ingredients and spices.

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