Vegan Pizza Day Round-Up!

I figured that I have more than enough pizza recipes to get your imagination going for Vegan Pizza Day tomorrow! So, here is an awesome round-up of some fun and creative pizza recipes for you to check out. Just click on the photo, and it will take you to the post. :)

Mini Veggie Pizza Pies!

BBQ Gardein Pineapple Pizza

Mediterranean Pesto Pizza

Rustic Arugula Flatbread

Half & Half Veggie Seitan Crumble Pizza

Non-Traditional Pizza Treats!

Asian Fusion Pizza

Pizza-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

And for dessert!

Sweet Pumpkin Pizza

So, make some pizza tomorrow and enjoy your weekend! :)


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10 Responses to Vegan Pizza Day Round-Up!

  1. Good Gracious how do I decide which one to make first. I was drooling over the Mini pies at top and by the time I got down to the pumpkin, I’d forgot all about them……..really a beautiful array of healthy pizza. It’s one thing I miss SOOO much in my diet. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful group of substitutes 😉
    Great weekend to you too.

  2. Thanks for all these recipes.

  3. mhris

    Holy crap, you are some kind of deal-with-the-devil genius, aren’t you?

  4. I make something similar to your Mediterranean Pesto Pizza, so good! I love the idea of a dessert pizza too, pumpkin is my favorite.

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  6. Okay so these all look pretty interesting.. i might have to try one.. I am trying to go vegitarian.. but the thing is I am such a PICKY eater .. its so hard to break away.. but these look doable. :)

    The Mediterranean pizza looks yummo

  7. This vegan pizza looks so yummy! This weekend I am going to try this for my kids. Thank you for the recipe!

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