Cheezy Butternut Squash Macaroni + A Giveaway!

Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You

I am fortunate enough to have a copy of Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You, in my possession, and I have to say that I’m really excited about this cookbook! I almost never use my slow cooker because the recipes that come out of it are massive, and like she mentions in her book, I don’t feel like eating chili for a week straight. Luckily, this brief review and giveaway ties right in with the Born to Mac MoFo festivities, because of this tasty recipe for Cheezy Butternut Squash Macaroni!

Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just for You

This recipe is a little different from most that you’ve seen this month, because it has some comforting Fall herbs and a delicious dose of garlic. Not only that, this pasta is super easy to make, much like a lot of recipes in this cookbook. There are a set of ingredients that you put in at the beginning of the day, and a couple more before serving, and you’re set! The smell of garlic, rosemary and thyme had my whole family salivating.

Another recipe that I tried from this book was the Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque. I’m a total sucker for Tomato Bisque, in general, but you throw in the ease of using a slow cooker and some basil? I’m all yours. Of course, I kind of messed this up by forgetting that I was cooking it, so I REALLY slow cooked the tomatoes. But, you know what? It tasted great anyway. Success!

Other recipes in this book that I want to try out are the Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie Breakfast Quinoa (WHAT?!), the Lavender Rose Valentine Cocoa, the White Bean Quinoa Gumbo and so many more. The photos are by my friend and extremely talented photographer, Kate Lewis, and they are absolutely drool-worthy.

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Cheezy Butternut Squash Macaroni + A Giveaway!
Recipe type: Dinner, Entree
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 5 cups
A creamy, butternut squash macaroni with warm Fall seasonings. This slow cooker recipe will make your kitchen smell amazing!
Morning Ingredients:
  • 1½ C. Cubed Butternut Squash or Other Winter Squash
  • ½ C. Chopped Tomatoes
  • 1½ C. Water
  • Three 3-inch sprigs Fresh Thyme or 1½ tsp. Dried Thyme
  • One 2-inch sprig Fresh Rosemary or ½ tsp. Dried Rosemary
For the Evening Ingredients:
  • ¼ C. Nutritional Yeast Flakes
  • ½ to 1 C. Unsweetened Non-Dairy Milk
  • 1½ C. Uncooked Whole-Wheat Macaroni
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste
In the morning:
  1. Add the morning ingredients to the slow cooker (1.5-2 Qt. Slow Cooker). Cook on low for 7 to 9 hours.
Thirty to 45 minutes before serving:
  1. Puree the contents of the slow cooker in a blender with the nutritional yeast and ½ C. of the Non-Dairy Milk. Add the mixture back into the slow cooker and turn it up to high. Stir in the macaroni, cover, and cook for 20 mins.
  2. Stir well and add more milk if the sauce is getting too thick. Cook for 15 to 25 minutes more or until the pasta is al dente. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Make sure to check on the pasta every 10 minutes or so until you get good at gauging how fast it will cook in your slow cooker. It cooks faster in the smaller slow cooker.
Now, here’s your chance to win a copy of your own! I’m sorry to add that this contest is open to US residents only.
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Full Disclosure: A copy of this book was sent to me, in return for posting this recipe/review, my opinions are my own and honest. There are affiliate links in this post, ordering through them helps me keep this blog running! Also, this recipe was reprinted with approval from Fair Winds.

76 Comments on “Cheezy Butternut Squash Macaroni + A Giveaway!

  1. Sadly, since I live alone, I’d be making these recipes just for me. But fall is the perfect time to but out the slow cooker, so bring on the solo one pot meals!

  2. I would make these up for my husband and me. The tomato bisque soup sounds wonderful.

  3. I’m hoping the slow cooker idea will be easy enough that my boyfriend won’t mind making them for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I would feed my husband and me, as well as any and all friends and family!! This would be especially great for the long, looming winter months of Wyoming!!!

  5. Would love to feed my family (my boyfriend and I) with the delicious and time saving recipes in this book!

  6. My fiance are in the process of transitioning to veganism (me from vegetarian, him from full-on meat eater!) So I’d feed us both!

  7. just for me more than likely.. but im willing to share with my mom hehe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I think the garlic is missing from the ingredients list, how much do I add?

    • Shoot! I’m not by the book at the moment, but I believe it’s two cloves. Sorry!

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