Banana Cacao Recovery Smoothie

Originally, I thought that January would be a month of leveling out from the holidays, but for some reason I’ve found that this month has been filled with all kinds of events, birthdays, dinners and the like. Not to mention, I’m working on the photos for Lindsay’s (Happy Herbivore) next cookbook and have been very busy with that. I’m really excited for this one and think that it will be even better than the last!

Some other things that inevitably come with January are people trying to eat better and be more physically active. This means that you may find yourself needing to recuperate after an awesome workout sooner than later. I have just the smoothie for you! Naturally sweetened with dates, combined with bananas and rich cacao nibs, plus a little vanilla to perfect it. It’s creamy, but not too thick and has a rich flavor.

Loaded with potassium for hydration and carbohydrates for regeneration, it’ll help you out, big time. This is probably where I should mention that this smoothie is also great for hangovers ;). Plus, recovery drinks are important for drinking right after work outs because they reduce fatigue and prolonged muscle soreness. Just make sure to enjoy it right after your workout!

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Cacao Banana Recovery Smoothie
Recipe type: Breakfast, Smoothie
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
A healthy and sweet Recovery Smoothie made from dates, bananas and cacao nibs!
  • 1½ C. Frozen Banana, Peeled & Chopped
  • 4 Dates, Pitted & Soaked for 10-20 mins.
  • ½ C. Unsweetened Non-Dairy Milk
  • ½ C. Water
  • 2 T. Cacao Nibs + More for Garnish (optional)
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • Ice (optional)
  • Coconut Flakes, Garnish (optional)
  1. Place all ingredients except for garnish in a blender (preferably high-speed), and puree until completely smooth. Beware of Date Chunks.
  2. Pour until a large glass, garnish with coconut flakes and cacao nibs. Enjoy immensely!


Stay tuned for more healthy recipes and more awesome guest bloggers, this month! :)

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19 Responses to Banana Cacao Recovery Smoothie

  1. Yum! Yep…great minds. I am making this for breakfast tomorrow!

  2. My kind of recovery shake! I’ve been drinking Chocolate Sunwarrior blended with almond milk and a little extra cacao powder post-gym lately but this shake would be a nice way to ring the changes.

    • Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

      Definitely! I made it again this morning, but used half of the cacao nibs and added some chocolate Vega powder and it was really good! I love the deep flavor of the nibs. Mmm..

  3. it’s breakfast time here in indiana, and this sounds like the perfect way to start my day. the only ingredient i don’t possess is the dates.. i will try to get creative without using any unnatural sweeteners. what would you recommend as a backup?


    • Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

      Sorry for the late reply! I would say, try it out with any other dried fruit that you have on hand, preferrably raisins. OR add more banana and a little maple syrup. :)

  4. Lan

    Can you tell me? what is this in the third picture?

  5. Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

    Those are medjool dates! :)

  6. That looks so delicious! Would it be possible to use baking chocolate as cocoa nibs? It’s an odd question but I would like to get rid of them! Also, Do you mind looking at some of my recipes?

  7. Oh. My. God. That looks and sounds amazing!!!

  8. This looks amazing and I’m obsessed with dates so I would totally love this! Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is right up my alley! I just got cacao nibs delivered from iherb yesterday, perfect timing. Do you freeze your bananas in the peel? I always peel mine and chunk them up first. Those slivers of coconut look like the perfect garnish. I know what I’m making after spin class tomorrow!

  10. Dee

    I’m enjoying this as I type!!! I used 1/4 c Goya coconut milk (VERY rich) and less than 3/4 c water, 3 dates, and 1 Tbsp cocao nibs…it is almost the consistency of ice cream…SIMPLY DELECTABLE!!! I’meating a cup now and froze the other cup for a sweet treat tomorrow night. I’m newly vegan and a junk/sweets LOVER…this speaks to my sweet tooth …I think I’m in LOVE!!! Thanks for this great recipe!!!

  11. I’m obsessed with recovery smoothies – they’re the best! I’ve been putting a bit of instant coffee in mine too for a caffeine boost!

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