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An Ode to Summer Comfort Food

Today, I have something a little different to share with you. No, not a delectable recipe, but something just as drool-worthy. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a special Pop-up dinner this past weekend, hosted by Lane Gold, author of Vegan Junk Food. Thankfully, I stayed off of Instagram long enough to be surprised by the food that was served to us; otherwise, I would have seen all of the spoilers that Lane was posting!

I brought the always fun Eva, of Dirty Rotten Vegan, as my date; plus, I knew a few other of the dinner-goers, such as Brian Patton and his wife, Jennifer Chen, and Laura Hooper Beck. As a whole we enjoyed meaningful talks, lots of cheers-ing and even more laughs; more importantly, the food was amazing.

Lane’s mission with this pop-up, this first one being named “An Ode to Summer Comfort Food”, is to hold intimate vegan meals throughout the LA area. Now, the series is named the Vegan Dining Club, or #vegandiningclub on any and all social media. She has shared with us that the next installment will be brunch-based (!!!) and at a cool venue in Echo Park (if I’m remembering that correctly). I can’t wait to go to the next one!

This dinner was held in a very eclectic building, functioning as a community art gallery when not being used to serve food. It’s a small building with spray paint all over it, a kitchen as one half of it, the dining room/gallery as the other half. The location was pretty random, but I absolutely loved it.

I’m glad that I brought my “nice” camera out to shoot some photos, although the lighting was a tad unforgiving, which my excuse for not having the best pictures. ;) Without getting too wordy about the food, I’ll briefly describe the dishes. Just know that all of it was tremendous and you could tell that there was a lot of love and effort put in to each dish.

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Fruity Roasted Fennel Salad

After a fun-filled weekend, I’m back. Yes, it may be Monday, but I have a recipe that is über colorful and really, just makes me smile when I look at it. Before I get to that, let me tell you about some of the new and cool things that I experienced the past couple of days. Warning: this post has lots o’ drool-worthy pictures, so get a napkin ready. ;)

DTLA // Mohawk Bend

Friday was awesome because the weather was beautiful and I finally got to get lunch with Lindsay of Happy Herbivore. It was great chatting about her Light & Fit book coming out later this year (which as some of you know, I took food photos for) and us working together on her next book. We ate at Mohawk Bend, where I had the Hearts of Palm Sliders and we shared the vegan S’mores dessert, yum!

My Tote!

There was crafting to be done, on Saturday! I was invited by the radical Joni, to attend Crafty Commune at her sister’s new boutique in Long Beach. What was awesome about this event is that Kristen (the owner of Fox & Moon Clothing) provided handmade totes and things to decorate them with, afterward she put them in her shop to sell and when they do 100% of the proceeds are going to a local charity.

Chef Dave // Coffee // Maddy Mac // Molly describing the Gelato

After that, I made a mad dash for West LA to have an extremely tasty dinner and dessert with my friend Kedar. We met up at the new Maddy’s on Pico, with a fully vegan menu from Chef Dave Anderson (of Madeleine Bistro). I got to meet him and Molly, who were both extremely nice and helpful, plus enjoy the Big Maddy Mac (a fancier, vegan Big Mac) and a sampler plate of ALL OF THE GELATO FLAVORS. That’s 11 flavors of vegan gelato, people. They haven’t had their grand opening yet, but I seriously recommend heading over there.

Of course, Sunday was Father’s day which started off with a Bloody Mary for my dad. I told you it was a tradition! We spent the day outside, doing random yard work, cooking, but mostly relaxing. I checked up on my super-late-in-the-season seedlings, and so far I have some corn stalks, some watermelon seedlings, dill, plus some others that I’m hoping will sprout soon. :)

Now, it’s Monday, and there is work to be done! So, I have for you an easy and refreshing recipe that is great for a weeknight dinner, or even a lunch prepared the night before. This salad has fresh fruits, balsamic roasted fennel, peppery arugula and a strawberry citrus vinaigrette. Tantalizing, no?

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Vida Vegan Conference 2013-Food Recap Pt. 1!

Finally, the recap that I’ve been totally intimidated to write-up, if only because of the length and sorting through SO many pictures. But, I’m back from Vegan Utopia aka Portland, OR. and I’m ready to show you how Vida Vegan Con went! To give you an idea of what I’ll be going over in this post, it’ll be awesome vegan food, more food, probably some beer, many links plus, more food. ;)

When the weather cleared up, on Sunday

I was in PDX for a whole week! Thankfully I stayed with some awesome people that were going non-stop, so we did many, many things around this rainy, green city. My plane landed on Tuesday night (21st) and immediately I was taken to Los Gorditos for a taco snack and Apex for some beers. My first impression of Los Gorditos was that they had signs on the outside of the restaurant that said “FULL VEGAN MENU” and “FULL MEAT MENU”; I was totally shocked! Not because of the meat, but because they had to go out of their way to show you that they had both options there. I have never seen anything like that in Southern California, and it was awesome! Out of the two tacos that I tried, I absolutely loved the caramelized onion taco, the soy curl taco was pretty good, too. At Apex, I found what is now one of my new favorite beers, New Belgium’s Trip XV Buckwheat. So, so good.

Los Gorditos/Apex Bar

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Guest Post: Vegan Miam’s Adventures in Thailand

My blog is going to look a tad different this month than most others in the past. You may have seen that I’ve done guest blog posts on other blogs before, but in January, I’m going to have a few great bloggers post on mine! Today, I’m hosting the always inspiring Rika from Vegan Miam. Her blog concentrates on traveling the world, taking beautiful photos, and eating vegan while doing so. So, let’s read about some of her adventures in Thailand and be transported!

Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort Restaurant

I would like to thank Jackie, from Vegan Yack Attack for inviting me to be her guest blogger this year! She is an amazing food blogger that makes such incredible-looking vegan dishes that I would love to devour someday.

My partner and I stayed for one month in Phuket, Thailand for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, which I will be blogging about later this year. We stayed at a 2-bedroom flat across Friendship Beach, which is located in the southern part of Phuket. Apparently, we discovered a vegan-friendly and raw-friendly “outdoor” eatery next-door, which is at Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort, a hotel, resort and spa. They also have a wellness spa and detox center. The restaurant doesn’t have a name nor a signage, but their menu was titled, “SuperNatural” and I assumed the restaurant’s name would be SuperNatural.

SuperNatural does not use artificial colors, flavors, or MSG in any of their dishes. They only create dishes from natural ingredients available. In their menu, they have a small raw vegan section, a few vegan salads, main courses, burgers and sandwiches, soups and Thai dishes including their terrific raw and vegan juices and smoothies.

Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort Restaurant

at Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort
27/1 Soi Mittrapap,
Friendship Beach,
Phuket 83130 Thailand
Daily 7am – 10pm (as of 2012)

It is located 2.6 kilometers south of Chalong Circle (between Chalong Circle and Rawai). Just tell the driver you are heading to Rawai.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Memo, a manager at SuperNatural for sending me a copy of the menu for my readers. Please note, their menu may change over time (as of October 2012). You can contact Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort for a copy of their menu in advance.

Here is the copy of the menu, you can download here, or e-mail me at veganmiam(at) as well.

Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort Restaurant

Entrance of Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort, and I saw a couple of fabulous creatures along the road.




This is the view from SuperNatural “outdoor” restaurant at Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort. Gorgeous view, very quiet and serene. Great for anyone who is going through detox, a quiet getaway, or peaceful sessions. This is completely the opposite of Pattaya Beach.

Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort Restaurant

Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort Restaurant

Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort Restaurant

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