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Raw Banana Cream Berry Tart

Raw Banana Cream Berry Tart

I made this little dish for a 4th of July get together, one recommendation that I can give you is to make sure you have enough time to cool this fully before eating/taking it to a get together. One more tip, don’t leave the strawberry tops on; they look great but they make eating the tart sort of a pain.


For the Crust I used a recipe from Ode to the Raw

Tart Crust

For the Filling:

1 1/2 Cups Raw Cashews, Soaked for 2 hours

 2 Bananas, sliced

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

2 Tbsp. Raw Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup (Grade A), or more if you want it sweeter

2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil, hardened

1/2-1 Cup of water, depending on if your mixture is able to blend well

For Topping:

12 Strawberries, Cut in Half

1/2 Cup Blueberries

A few Blackberries if you have them on hand


Make crust and press it into your tart or pie pan, make sure that it is an even thickness throughout and put in the freezer for roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Meanwhile, take the filling ingredients with just a little bit of the water and put them in a blender (I didn’t use a food processor because the cashews don’t get as smooth a consistency as a blender). Add more water until the texture of the filling is completely smooth, but not too watery; sort of like pancake batter.


Take your crust from the freezer and pour the filling inside, making sure it is flat. Put, it back into the freezer for approximately 1-2 hours. Take out once it is firm and topped with sliced strawberries, and blueberries to your own accord. It is best served slightly frozen, not too hard and not too soft as to spill over when you cut it.

Strawberries on Tart


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Stuffed & Grilled Zucchini with Grilled Veggies

This is a wonderful summer dish that let’s everyone know that us vegans can command a grill just as much as meat eaters! These seasonal veggies taste great together, and turned out really well for not knowing what I fully wanted to do the whole time. 😉

This serves 2 people


For Stuffed Squash:

Two 8 Ball Zucchini Squash

 1/2 Cup Uncooked Quinoa

1/2 Cup Water

3 Cloves of Garlic, minced

5 oz. Cooked Corn Kernels

3 Cups Uncooked Spinach leaves

1 tsp. Ancho Chili Powder

1/2 tsp. Liquid Smoke

1/2 tsp. Sea Salt

For the Grilled Veggies:

The innards from the two squash, chopped

1 White Onion, cut into slivers

1 Large Red Bell Pepper, cut into slivers

1 Cup Grape Tomatoes (or any other tomato)

1 Cup Romano Beans (Green Beans), Chopped

2 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Dried Basil

1 tsp. Dried Cilantro

A pinch of Salt & Pepper


Scooped out

Start cooking quinoa with water and fresh garlic in saute pan with lid on top, it should be done in 10-15 minutes. While it is cooking cut up all of your veggies, and scoop out the innards of the squash. Take the chopped squash pieces and the rest of the vegetables for grilling and toss them in the olive oil and herbs until they are evenly coated.


Once the quinoa is done cooking add in spinach and corn, mix in until spinach is wilted and add in spices + liquid smoke. Once all is combined, stuff the zucchinis with the mix. Take the stuffed zucchini and the bowl of mixed vegetables out to the grill and cook them over a medium flame for 10-15 minutes.

Grilling Zucchini
Grilled Veggies

After your grilled veggies are getting a little wilted on the edges and tender, take them off and plate them alongside the stuffed zucchini. Enjoy with a cool glass of water or a nice, chilled white wine.

Zucchini with Veggies

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

For a sweet treat after my yoga class last night, I juiced some of the many oranges my boyfriend’s grandma gave me. So simple, so delicious.

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Raw Chocolate-Orange Pudding

For dessert this past weekend I whipped up this filling chocolate pudding for a friend and I, there were leftovers for me to snack on later, as well! I’ve used this recipe before but did the mint version, this one turned out even better! Below is my adapted recipe.


1 1/4 Cup Mashed Avocado

4 Tbsp. Raw Cacao Powder

1 tsp. Orange Zest

4 Dates, pitted & soaked for 30-60 min.

1/4 Cup Date Soak Water

2 Tbsp. Raw Agave Nectar

2-3 Tbsp. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


Place all ingredients into food processor with S-Blade and blend until creamy, chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour. Serve with a lil’ orange zest on top for class, and enjoy! Keeps up to 5 days in the refrigerator.



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