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Smoky Pumpkin Bisque

Mic Check, *tap-tap*, 1, 2, 1, 2.. Is this thing on? Holy crap, people, it’s been a hot minute since my last recipe, hasn’t it? I can say with certainty that time has totally gotten away from me, no thanks to travels, exciting projects, and work. First, there was my trip to Michigan, which I briefly touched upon, then less than a week spent at home before I headed out to New York! Exciting stuff, I must say. But, now, I’m home and I’m finishing up The Great Vegan Pumpkin eBook! Yes, this eBook is filled with 20 recipes ranging from savory to sweet and healthy to downright decadent.


Oddly enough, the recipe that I’m showcasing today isn’t in said eBook. I actually made this smoky squash soup for a ladies’ night dinner, yesterday; along with a main course and dessert. What I love most about this, besides the flavors, is that it comes together in under a half hour, it’s oil-free, and the tofu sneaks in a decent amount of protein. Ta-dah! Topped with a crisp kale chip and you have yourself a faux-fancy dish that is perfect for warming up.

I’m also working on a Stuffed Seitan Roast recipe that I’m excited to take on. Nothing against delicious, pre-made holiday roasts, but making your own is just so satisfying. Make sure to check back next week for that recipe! :)

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Homemade Strawberry BBQ Sauce with Tempeh Sandwich

I had never really thought about making my own BBQ sauce before last September. The thought was implanted in my brain by the wonderful Sherri (co-founder of Urban Food Crawl), when I purchased some vegan Worcestershire sauce for bloody maries and she said that she used it to make her own BBQ sauces. For whatever reason, that little suggestion came to the front of my brain a couple of weeks ago, maybe the warmer weather? Either way, I decided to try to make my own; it sounds kind of funny, but to start I just looked at the back of a Lucille’s BBQ Sauce bottle at the main components and went on my merry way.

My first attempt was a success, as I had a few friends over that night to try it out on some grilled tofu, but it was more your semi-traditional Kansas City variety. I’ll be making that again and posting it, but my second attempt at BBQ is something special. Knowing that tomato paste is pretty sweet and inspired by this month’s bloghop theme, berries, I decided to get a little creative with my next batch. Why not use strawberries? ;)

I have to say, I spent a little more time trying to get the seasonings right with this one; I didn’t want to completely smother the flavor of the strawberries, but I still wanted it to be savory. After having a couple more people taste-test this without knowing what exactly it was at first, I think I’ve made something pretty delicious and super easy to make.

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Chocolatelove: Chocolate Coconut Soft Serve

I’m going to try to keep this post a lil’ brief today. Not only because it’s my boyfriend and I’s 3rd anniversary (it’s been that long?!) and we are going ice skating tonight, but also because I just feel like I’m being rushed by my self because of all of the things I need to get done in the next couple of weeks! We also can’t forget that the #chocolatelove bloghop isn’t over yet! So, here’s to hoping this isn’t my last chocolate post just yet… ;)

While I know that a lot of you are still stuck in some cooler/freezing weather, we basically haven’t had a winter in Southern California this year. So, having a cooler treat is perfect for some of these days where it’s nearly 80°F outside sounds pretty good. I’ve had this block of silken tofu staring at me from the third shelf in my fridge for a little while now and I’ve been trying to think of interesting ways to use it. I was thinking that I’d make something sweet, possibly a pudding? But, when the texture didn’t turn out exactly like I had hoped it would, freezing it became an interesting option.

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Chocolatelove: Gluten-free Chocolate Pancakes with Peanut Butter Sauce!

I’m having a hard time putting my feelings into words when it comes to this month’s bloghop topic. One thing that I can say is that I absolutely love it! I’m so excited for all of the delicious recipes that will be floating around before and even after Valentine’s day, although, I don’t think that my waistline is. ;) I already have so many ideas whirling around my head, I can’t wait to spoil you all with decadent recipes that seduce you into making them. But, don’t worry, I’ll sneak in a few healthy ones here and there so as not to be so guilt inducing.

The bloghop, this month, is filled with so many amazing blogs! I love that I’m able to be a part of it, and continue to share the foodie love. Here’s a list of all of the bloggers that are participating!

Easily Good Eats ~ Three Cookies
Oh Cake ~ Jessica ~ @jesshose

Please join in on the #chocolatelove fun by linking up any chocolate recipe from the month of February 2012. Don’t forget to link back to this post, so that your readers know to come stop by the #chocolatelove event! The twitter hashtag is #chocolatelove.

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