LOVELIKEBEER: Love Affair, Vegan Dessert & Beer Pairings

When bringing up the topic of any holiday my boyfriend truly couldn’t care less, even his own birthday! Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is no different; I am not super huge on Hallmark holidays either, so nothing usually… Read More

Catching up and Crappy Pictures!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been away for a bit! I have been traveling for some work, so that I can get some extra money and sadly, I haven’t had time to seriously blog. One interesting thing that… Read More

Cupcakes + Art Event

Finally, I have edited all of the photos for this incredible event and I have them for you today! The ladies over at Urban Food Crawl have done it again, and set up another great event for Southern… Read More

Birthday Brunch at Flore Vegan Cuisine in Los Angeles, Ca.

One of my family’s traditions each year is that whoever’s birthday it is gets to choose where to go out to eat. Usually I have a hard time picking just one restaurant, but now it’s even harder because… Read More

Cruzer Pizza in Los Feliz, CA.!

I was up in LA this past Friday night and in dire need of grub. That’s when my friends and I ventured over to Cruzer Pizza, an ALL VEGAN pizza joint! I was so excited to try their… Read More


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