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Chocolate Biscoff Pinwheel Cookies

Biscoff Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies vegan

I’m elated to share with you that I’m taking part in Kristy from Keepin’ It Kind’s Cookie Swap Party for the second year in a row! Kristy and her husband Chris are the geniuses behind Keepin’ It Kind, and honestly guys, they are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I’m lucky enough to have hung out with them a few times and they are ADORABLE. Seriously. Aside from that, they make a great team of recipe developer/food stylist and photographer.


Last year, I made some Persimmon Oatmeal Cookies for the #cookieswapparty. This year I knew that I’d need to step my game up, and I think I accomplished it with these Chocolate Biscoff Pinwheel Cookies! Did I mention that I had never made Pinwheel Cookies before? Well, I hadn’t and I’m so stoked on how they came out. I brought a huge plate of them to my friend’s holiday party and got some good reviews.

Cookie Photobomb

Oh, my partner Corey taste-tested them and gave them a thumbs up, as well. He and our friend Mark were hanging out with me while I was making them, hence the photobomb by Mr. Mark. 😉


Now go! Go check out the recipe for these holiday cookies over at Kristy’s blog! While you’re there hang out for a bit and take a look at all of the other cookie recipes from some more awesome bloggers.


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Raw Easter Cookies

It has been a while since I’ve done a raw recipe, and what better way to usher in the new season than with some easy-to-make, fruity, raw cookies? I have to admit, there are some ingredients that aren’t completely raw; such as vanilla extract and store-bought raisins, but they’re nearly there! 

Also, here is some surprise news that I’ve been waiting to share with you, and now is the time. In January, I mentioned that I was working on a large project that I was very excited about; no, it’s not a cookbook of my own, BUT it is someone else’s. You may have heard of her and her brand Happy Herbivore. :) I was fortunate enough to take a majority of the pictures in her newest cookbook, “Happy Herbivore Light & Fit“! The book will be officially on the market in the fall, but is available for pre-order now. I am so, so elated about having my work published, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Now, that we’ve got that covered, I can tell you about these tasty and festive cookies. I shaped them like eggs for the sake of Easter and having them in a basket, but flower shapes would be great, too! Maybe daisies or tulips? Each cookie has minimal ingredients in it and really couldn’t be easier to make and/or eat. 😉 I used a dehydrator to keep these as raw as I could, but if you don’t have one, you can bake these on a low-temp. setting in your oven for a couple of hours.

All of the flavors are fresh and fun: Strawberry Mint, Berry Vanilla and Pseudo-Carrot Cake Cookies. I even tested these flavors out on my omnivore parents and got their approval. Not really necessary, but always appreciated. These recipes also work if you want to make Lara Bar-like snack bars, for on the go!

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Cranberry Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle

Yesterday, you may have felt like ol’ Duchess here about Monday. But, today is a new day and these cookies will turn that frown upside down.

Clearly, they are going with the theme of Valentine’s day, since it is only 3 days away. Sometimes it’s just nice to treat yourself to delicious, heart-shaped cookies, regardless of what Hallmark holiday is upon us. I have mixed feelings about the holiday, really. When I was a server in a restaurant for four years, I absolutely dreaded Valentine’s Day. It was one of the busiest days of our year, yet one that we would almost never make good money on. My tip to you, is to lay low for the day or do something more creative than going to a busy restaurant, just to get service and food that isn’t that great.

Other than that, I told Corey (ya know, the bearded guy that shows up on my Instagram every couple of weeks) that I just saw it as a nice reminder to spend some good one on one time together. Especially considering how social we both are, it can be hard to fit in time that doesn’t include a few other friends. Due to some work things on both of our ends, we’ll be celebrating today! Which means I now have to think of something to make for dinner. Yikes! 😉

I do love all of the cute “heart”-shaped things, and I say it that way because clearly it looks nothing like an anatomical heart. So, I’ve made these delicious, little morsels into cute heart shapes and made a cranberry jam of sorts for a pop of sultry color. Combine all that with a chocolate drizzle and I think we have a home run here, folks!

Also, I’d like to apologize my Instagram and Facebook followers for teasing them with a preview of this recipe, on Friday. It’s finally here!

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Persimmon Oatmeal Cookies

In Mid-November, the awesome Kristy of Keepin’ it Kind invited me to contribute to the virtual Vegan Cookie Swap Party that she would be hosting the whole month of December. Not only is this a great idea, I’m a huge fan of cookies; so, it really didn’t take much thinking for me to answer with a “definitely”! For this festive cookie party, I decided to make some cookies that border on healthy and use one of the season’s best fruits, persimmons. Below is an excerpt from the post over on Kristy’s blog, check the recipe out there!

When the weather gets cooler, there’s no better way to warm your home than to turn on the oven and get to baking. Plus, when the holidays come around, cookies, cupcakes and the like make fantastic presents! Take for example, these delicious Persimmon Oatmeal Cookies; I brought these to my hairdresser as a small gift and she loved them! Well, the one that she tried. You see, she had set them in the back and kindly offered them up to a few coworkers, but they were gone within minutes. I guess you snooze you lose! 😉

What are some of your favorite Holiday cookies?

Vegan Persimmon Oatmeal Cookies


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