A Trio of Brunch Beverages

So, it’s Thursday evening where I’m at, which means that tomorrow is Friday and that we are almost to the weekend (YAY!). Now, this weekend is going to be busy for many people; visiting family and friends, doing… Read More

Reader’s Recipes: 4th Edition!

This dish is super simple, but the taste is refreshing with the combination of crisp, cool cucumbers and sweet peaches. It’s perfect as a lunch salad of sorts or as a side dish for any summer meal. My… Read More

Cool Gazpacho

This dish is absolutely perfect for hot summer days and nights, with it’s refreshing flavors of cucumber, tomato and fresh herbs this soup is a great way to beat the heat. I took guidance from a recipe on… Read More

Cucumber Mint Sorbet (or nearly shaved ice in this case) ;]

What do you do when the summer heat is getting to you and you happen to have a ton of cucumber in your refrigerator? Make a subtle sweet sorbet, of course! I used a recipe from The Catskill… Read More

Juice Pulp & Flaxseed Crackers

Now there is a solution as to what to do after you’ve made a veggie juice! These raw crackers use the leftover pulp mixed with seasonings and ground flaxseed to make crispy, healthy treats. Pictured: I ate them… Read More


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