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Greenslove: Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito

I’m getting back into the swing of making more meals at home since Expo West seriously messed that habit up. I have quite a few samples still left over and have been trying to use/eat them up. I can definitely tell the difference in how I feel when I’m eating more pre-made, packaged food than when I have my fridge stocked with fresh produce and am cooking more frequently at home.

So, this morning, instead of eating a bowl of granola with some unsweetened coconut milk I decided to make a savory breakfast that I could put a little effort into and that was super filling. Originally, I was going to use the humongous leaves of Swiss chard that I have to wrap the tofu scramble mixture; but, they were just too coarse and bitter to eat raw because of how long they had grown. The problem was solved by chopping up the chard, throwing it in the scramble and wrapping everything up with a toasted tortilla. If you want to cut out a majority of the carbs, just eat the scramble by itself without making it a burrito.

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