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Apple Pie on the Rocks

Before I get into this spicy, cool beverage I would like to talk a little bit about my Thanksgiving. This year was a little different from most, because the group was smaller and my Dad and I met my sister and her boyfriend out in Lake Havasu to have it. This meant that I needed to cook some things beforehand, bring some ingredients and not make as big of portions (oops, on that last one).

I was excited to make my first batch of homemade cranberry sauce, which I changed just slightly from the pancake topping recipe. The addition of some cinnamon, plus vanilla extract and brown sugar instead of white made it perfect! My sister’s S.O. really liked it. Then, as usual, I made the sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and switched up the veggie side with some roasted Brussels sprouts. Of course, I brought my leftover Stuffed Seitan Roast with me, and it reheated wonderfully! Overall, it was a total success, even if there was a ton of food left afterward.

Although I kept myself occupied most of the day, I got to witness some pretty awesome stuff. I had quite a few friends and readers tell me about how they made dishes either from my blog or the eBook for their families, on Thanksgiving. Not only that, they told me about how successful they were! Like omnivore grandparents pilfering last slices of Pumpkin Coffee Cake, and empty plates of Smoky Pumpkin Mac. I can’t even begin to express how much it means to me that people would make my recipes on what I consider an important food day! I hate to admit it, but it almost brought me to tears at one point. I really love running this blog, but having reminders about why I do it doesn’t hurt.

Some of the recipes made for Thanksgiving!

So, thank you, to all of the people out there that check out my blog. Even if you don’t ever make something, I don’t mind! I just like to show off cool dishes that taste great, and that most importantly are vegan. As much as I love food photography and recipe development, it would be harder for me to do this if there wasn’t an audience. I’m looking forward to making recipes, and cookbooks and taking photos for a long time!

Now, onto the beverage. I was inspired by a drink that I had a few weeks ago that consisted of apple juice, Fireball Whiskey, “Moonshine”, and maybe simple syrup if I remember correctly. I really enjoyed it, but wanted to make my version at home and dress it up a little. That’s how the Apple Pie on the Rocks came to be! It would be awesome if you crumbled up graham crackers and added them to the brown sugar rim, but I didn’t have those on hand.

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A Trio of Brunch Beverages

So, it’s Thursday evening where I’m at, which means that tomorrow is Friday and that we are almost to the weekend (YAY!). Now, this weekend is going to be busy for many people; visiting family and friends, doing Easter activities, etc. This is the post that gets you through all that, or at least gives you something to celebrate the end of the weekend with.

For as long as I remember, mimosas have been my mom’s choice of brunch beverage, which totally fits the bill of what a morning drink should be. My dad? Bloody Marys. Believe me, I’ve become a pro at making them; and now that I have vegan Worcestershire sauce, it’s all good! But, I think it’s time to switch things up a bit. Time for some refreshing beverages, where the alcohol is optional but a very welcome addition. 

Maybe next time, I’ll try my hand at doing a more savory drink; but at this moment in time, I’m feeling the sweet breakfast drink, even if subtly so. The cool combination of cucumber, mint and melon make that juice perfect for waking up. Just take it outside and enjoy in some sun (if it’s sunny where you are), or bring it to your computer desk and look at picture of the beach and transport yourself away. Perhaps a soundtrack of waves crashing would help? 😉

Okay, so one of these isn’t really something that you can drink over and over- I’m looking at you beer float- but hey, go for it! I see it as more of a dessert for the end of the brunch. You can easily make this non-alcoholic by using a suitable Strawberry Soda, and if you can’t find a Strawberry Ale, a wine cooler or malt beverage of the strawberry variety would suffice. 

The Blueberry Thai Basil, is really a mojito made over; but, the only thing that remains the same is the use of lime juice and rum. I’ve made this drink fresh and light with sparkling water, seasonal produce and a touch of agave. This is the sophisticated drink of the bunch, so serve it to someone fancy. If that person doesn’t drink, then just leave out the booze! It tastes just as good without.

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Vibrant 50/50 Juice

Almost everyone is getting ready for Superbowl feasts and Valentine’s day treats, and all of that is good and well. I even have an awesome Superbowl appetizer recipe coming for you, tomorrow! But, just thinking about all of the (unhealthy) food that is going to be gracing coffee tables and counter tops alike, makes me a little scared for my physique. So, in prepping for the Superbowl and the super bowl of chips and salsa, I have this delicious 50/50 juice for you.

What does 50/50 juice mean? You might ask. When making juices, I try to get a good balance of vegetables and fruit so that there is not too high of a sugar level, but also so that the juice actually tastes good and is extremely enjoyable. I feel that with this juice I’ve found a pretty good balance of that, but if you want to give it a lil’ extra boost of vitamins feel free to add some dark, leafy greens into the mix. After that, your juice may turn a disgusting color, but it will still taste good and be even better for you!

Serves: 1


  • 3 Carrots
  • 3-4 Small Satsuma Tangerines, Peeled
  • 1 Small Fuji Apple, Cored
  • 1 1/2 Cup Green Grapes
  • 3-4 Stalks of Celery


  1. Place all ingredients through your juicer, stir juice together and if you’d like it colder, serve over ice.

Enjoy this raw, healthy drink for breakfast (instead of coffee) to feel revitalized and ready for the day. Remember, fresh juices are your friend! 😉


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Orange Juice without the Oranges

It’s that time again, Raw Wednesday is here and I hope that you’ve had a terrific one so far. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for elaborate raw dishes, so lately I’ve been resorting to juices and smoothies which are some of my favorite meals/drinks. Carrots are one of my favorite foods to juice, they’re packed with Vitamin A and have some sweetness to them that goes great with many fruits.


  • 2 Small Apples, Cored
  • 2 Large Carrots, or 4 Stubby ones like pictured above
  • 2 Cups Red Grapes
  • 1 Nectarine, With Stone Removed


  1. Put all ingredients through a juicer and stir together, pour over ice if you’d like your juice to be chilled.


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