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Garlicky Butternut Squash Sandwich

I’m a little worried, and it’s probably not what you think. I may or may not be addicted to sandwiches. Of course, there are worse problems to have, but I used to be indifferent to the carb-loaded, tasty meals. If I saw one that looked good, I’d go for the wrap (which are also very good) without a second thought. Now, I’m stuffing whatever combination of foods I can between two toasty slices of bread to see what I can come up with.

What makes sandwiches so appealing is that they are pretty low-maintenance, relatively easy to eat (depending on how large you make it), and damn delicious. With all of the recipes that I’ve been making for the Great Vegan Pumpkin eBook and the Fall Vegan Cuts eBook I’ve been low on time for much else, and this sandwich really hit the spot. In it are a few of my favorite things: Arugula, Garlic, Vegenaise, and obviously, Butternut Squash.

These ingredients are easy-to-find and (mostly) healthy! Although, after all of the squash that I’ve been eating I may turn orange. But, I digress, the warm, roasted butternut squash against the peppery arugula and toasted bread create a wonderful world of flavor and texture. Go ahead and throw some Roasted Garlic Vegenaise in that bad boy and you’ve got yourself a party!

You could easily make your own Vegan roasted garlic mayo but roasting a head of garlic, with the top chopped off and brushed with olive oil, at the same time as your butternut squash. Then blend it with a cup of vegan mayo and you’re good to go. I dare you not to eat this on everything that you can. I’ve had to switch between this flavor and the chipotle so that I don’t OD on either one. (SO GOOD!!)

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Mediterranean Pesto Pizza

There is a wonderful “holiday” this coming Saturday, and I’ve got the perfect recipe for you to celebrate it with. What holiday is that? You may ask. Oh, just VEGAN PIZZA DAY. Last year, I celebrated it by going to Phoney Baloney’s (RIP) with a righteous hangover and eating an amazing Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich. I still haven’t decided what exactly I’ll be doing this year; but, you better believe that it will include some awesome vegan pizza.

This pizza came out of having pesto on my mind, for the last week straight. It’s just been hanging out in my brain, saying, “Pesto burger.. Pesto pasta… Pesto.. Pesto Pizza.” Boy, am I glad that I ended up giving this a go! The smell of everything, even before it was baked, was pretty incredible.

Using fresh basil from a plant that I picked up, very little oil, a touch of nutritional yeast and a few more ingredients, made this pesto great. It was thick enough to spread, but not too chunky. It paired perfectly with the salty kalamata olives, sun-ripened tomato slices, and of course, some artichoke hearts. I always forget how awesome homemade pizza can be!

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Seitan Sauerkraut Sandwich

I’m back this fine Monday with an awesome sandwich recipe for you. I have to say, it was so much fun getting back into the groove of making a recipe and styling it; mostly because the last few posts have been recaps. Lately, I’ve been trying to schedule posts so that I can dedicate a decent amount of time to each one, and not feel rushed; this way, I can have more fun styling shots! Hopefully, my photos will get better and better as time passes, as that is what I aim for. :)

Dedicating more time for higher quality posts makes for a great distraction. I say that because Corey (my SO) is on a couple of different band tours this summer and may only be home for 2 or 3 weeks until the end of September. Ah! I’m glad that he is getting big tours (as a merch dude), but it also sucks that he’ll be gone for so long. Although, this has always been the case in our relationship; which has been going on for over four years (!!!).

On a different note, I’ve been kind of obsessed with sandwiches lately. Not ordering them at restaurants, but making them at home and trying to out-do myself occasionally. The last one that I actually posted on here was this Buffalo Tempeh Grilled Cheese Sandwich; so, so good. Now, I have this Eastern European-type mess of a sandwich. This sandwich was brought you by my love for sauerkraut, my intense obsession with horseradish sauce and the fact that I finally got around to making Breadmaker Seitan.

I did end up modifying the recipe a bit by not adding the 2 tsp. of salt, as well as using 2 tsp. of Poultry Seasoning instead of the thyme/sage. It was super-duper easy to make, tasted great, and had a moist, not-too-chewy texture. I highly recommend it! The toppings for the sandwich are interchangeable, obviously. But, I really LOVED having the acidic mustard, warm sautéed mushrooms and onions against the cool sauerkraut and the savory seitan.

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Mushroom Onion Miso Soup

Lately, I have been feeling quite nostalgic and I think that it has a lot to do with seeing posts from family and friends in different parts of the country that I miss. In October of last year a spent nearly the entire month away from home, in New York and Michigan visiting family. I had some really great times there and I want to go back SO badly. It probably doesn’t help that I have been listening to Ryan Adams a lot, and that one of my cousins and I share an immense love for him.

I think I may just be getting stir-crazy, it has been quite a while since my last trip/adventure. Hopefully, soon I’ll be visiting my younger sister in Phoenix who has been living there for a couple of months. I’ve already picked out some of the vegan places I’d like to check out. 😉 Plus, she just adopted this adorable Manchester Terrier! How cute is she, with her new little bow? Adorable, to say the least.

But, because I can’t travel at all right now, I’ll make the best of being at home and staying comforted. Really, what’s more comforting than soup? Not much in my book. And what better way to start off a filling meal than with a warm bowl of miso soup? Of course, this is a little elaborate in comparison to the traditional miso soup served with sushi, but that’s what makes this recipe special. If you want to have this as a full meal instead of just an accompaniment, add some firm tofu for its protein content.

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