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Raw Mango Banana Cakes

Apparently, I’m feeling pretty Spring-y over here! First, it was the Berry Pineapple Waffles, now these beautiful Mango Cakes? A girl can dream, right? Although I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for the rain we’re supposed to get, this weekend. Drought-be-damned! Maybe I’ll put together a tasty, warming soup..

But, until then, check out these easy, healthy, sweet and supremely tasty raw cakes. Of course cake is a bit of a stretch, but it’s cake-shaped so just go with it. 😉 This recipe gives you a chance to use up some of that great Winter citrus to add some sour to this sweet dessert. An added plus is that this isn’t a totally nut-based, raw dessert; I did put coconut it in for some creaminess and texture, but not enough to make it high-fat (in case you’re worried about that type of thing).

These mango cakes would be a great ending to a weekend brunch, and are terrific when paired with a mimosa. So, if you’re looking for a low-effort, delicious, naturally sweet dessert, make these Raw Banana Mango Cakes and let me know how it goes! 😀

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Kale Salad with Orange, Fennel & Black Olives

For my second guest blogger of January, I give you, Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw! *The crowd goes wild!* Gena is a smart, kind, and down-to-earth lady who happens to be a fantastic vegan blogger. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the classes she was on the panel for at VVC last year, but unfortunately wasn’t able to formally meet her. She brings a healthy, yet well-rounded, perspective to vegan dishes and has decided to share this gorgeous salad, with us!

Kale Orange Fennel Olive Salad

It’s January, which means that everybody is talking about salad. As someone who considers salad to be her all time favorite food, I’m of course never disappointed to see it getting the culinary attention it so richly deserves. But I do think it’s a shame that salads are so often associated, at least during resolution season, with words like“skinny,” “slim down,” “cleanse,” or “diet.”

Kale Orange Fennel Olive Salad

Sure, salads are healthy. And depending on how you prepare them, they can also help to lighten things up after all of the holiday indulgence. But salads don’t have to feel ascetic. In fact, I think they can be one of the most satisfying plant-powered meals out there, offering us endless texture, variety, and flavor. Love crunch? Add some toasted chickpeas, some nuts or seeds, or some crumbled crackers of your choosing. Got a sweet tooth? Pile your salads high with sweet roasted root vegetables, candied pecans, or dried fruit. Craving protein? Sear some tempeh or tofu cubes and add them to your bowl, or smother your salad in a creamy hempseed dressing. We all know that salads are lovely vehicles for leafy greens. But they can satisfy you in ways that go far beyond the requisite health benefits, too.

Kale Orange Olive Salad

I love this salad for a lot of reasons. First, it shows off the beauty of raw kale, which is a delightfully hardy salad base. Kale salad is one of the few that will keep overnight, so you can make a bunch and enjoy leftovers for days. It’s also got tons of texture, fiber, and nutrition.

Second, this salad feels, for lack of a better word, gourmet. Pitted black olives add wonderful saltiness and umami, while orange adds sweetness and a touch of acid. Fennel, an oft-neglected winter produce star, adds crunch and freshness to the meal. Taken together, this salad is intensely flavorful, varied and interesting enough to please anyone. Even a salad skeptic. Here’s how to make it.

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Cranberry Orange Pancakes

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I hope that everyone who celebrated it had a great time with people that they love, or at least really like. 😉 I also hope that everyone’s food was awesome! Speaking of Thanksgiving food, I have quite a bit of leftovers. I guess that’s what happens when the dinner includes 4 people and there’s enough food for, I don’t know.. 8? Oy.

Maybe you have some leftovers, too? Maybe some cranberry relish or sauce? Or maybe you don’t have leftovers, but would like some extra cranberry in your life. Either way, I have you covered! I actually made these pancakes before Thanksgiving, and I’m glad that I did, because it inspired me to make homemade cranberry sauce for the actual dinner. Even if it was just myself and my sister’s boyfriend eating it.

I like my recipe because there is no corn syrup (high-fructose, or otherwise) and not as much sugar as many recipes call for. Plus, it’s poured over some delightfully fluffy, warm, orange pancakes. Mmm. It’s kind of funny, because like the One Ingredient Chef, I’ve always been slightly underwhelmed and terrified by my homemade pancakes. That’s not to say that they didn’t turn out good, before; they just weren’t how I wanted them to be and didn’t look the part of the perfect pancake.

This time, I’m happy to say that I nailed it! Sweet enough to go with the tart cranberry topping and subtle enough for just a touch more maple syrup. You should definitely be making these for a weekend brunch!

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Stone Fruit Bruschetta Orange Cream Crostinis

Bruschettas of the fruit variety are nothing new, as far as recipes go. Even the traditional tomato one falls into that category, with tomatoes being a fruit and all. I’ve seen a couple of different fruit combinations over the last couple of years, since starting my blog; but have not made one, myself. Once I saw a picture of a strawberry bruschetta, I knew that I needed to try my hand at it.

Ever since I wrote a Crostini recipe for VegNews Online, I’ve made a couple of different recipes like it. The one that I have for you, today is a sweet, fraternal twin version of the first. The may look totally different, but they have similar parts and are terrific in their own ways.

The first crostini is savory, with its salty olive-mushroom tapenade, garlicky cashew cream, fresh basil and balsamic, it makes for a sophisticated appetizer. This recipe has the perfect summer fruit bruschetta made of sweet cherries, white peach and cooling mint. When laid atop a layer of subtly sweet orange cashew cream, it turns into a playful appetizer better served with a margarita, as opposed to a more reserved red wine.

Before you think, “This looks complicated,” I assure you, it’s definitely not. Think of it this way: Dice, toss, blend, toast, layer, serve. Straight up, that easy. Now, go on, get some friends together, enjoy the summer sun and munch on these tasty morsels.

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