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Berrylove: Blueberry Yogurt Pierogi

It seems as though it has been forever since my first (and most recent) cooking video. Finally, I have another one for you and may I just say that the recipe is delicious and the video is super helpful. I’m starting a new series called, “Even You Can Make It”; and in each video I have someone who has little-to-no cooking experience, usually isn’t vegan or vegetarian and wants to learn a little bit about making food.

For the first episode, I have my sister Katie join me for a dish that brings us back to our childhood, blueberry pierogi. Pierogi may seem a little intimidating at first, but after watching this video you’ll come to see that they are actually very easy to make. This dish is great as a dessert or sweet snack, and is fun to make into a group activity; get the whole family involved in this one!

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