Peanut Butter Apple-Lanterns

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that themed parties are in full swing and fun food ideas are everywhere! This cute appetizer/dessert came to me after staring at some adorable crab apples for about a half… Read More

Peanut Butter Raisin Overnight Oats

I’m pretty sure I’m going to rename my blog, “Peanut Butter Lover” as it seems to be popping up quite frequently… what is there not to like? So, obviously these oats turned out VERY yummy, and very satisfying…. Read More

Microwaved Apple Goodness

Made this for breakfast this morning, and it was one of the best guilt-free, sweet apple dishes I’ve ever had. My inspiration came from this recipe from Fat-free Vegan Kitchen. I modified it a little though and this is… Read More


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