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Vegan Pizza Day Round-Up!

I figured that I have more than enough pizza recipes to get your imagination going for Vegan Pizza Day tomorrow! So, here is an awesome round-up of some fun and creative pizza recipes for you to check out. Just click on the photo, and it will take you to the post. :)

Mini Veggie Pizza Pies!

BBQ Gardein Pineapple Pizza

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Almond Joy Cookie Bites

As I said before my blog is going to look a tad different this month than most others in the past. You may have seen that I’ve done guest blog posts on other blogs before, but in January, I’m going to have a few great bloggers post on mine! Today, I’m hosting the hilarious, creative and adorable blogger, Ashlae from Oh, Ladycakes. While most of her posts involve incredible-looking baked desserts and breakfasts, she also comes up with gorgeous savory dishes every once-in-a-while. I couldn’t be happier to have her on Vegan Yack Attack today, sharing this awesome recipe for Almond Joy Cookie Bites with everyone!

Almond joy cookie bites

Hi! I’m Ashlae, the lady behind the blog Oh, Ladycakes. I’m pretty stoked to be here today to share one of my all time favorite breakfast recipes – almond joy cookie bites (in case you couldn’t tell from the photo above) (or the title of the post).

As much as I enjoy savoring a hearty breakfast at my dining room table, most mornings I’m grabbing it on the go and racing out the door. And on these particular mornings, I like a little something sweet to help jumpstart my day. This is where cookies come into play. But not butter and sugar-loaded cookies – cookies packed with natural sugars and good for you add-ins, like chocolate and coconut. And almonds. I don’t know if you’re aware but the three of them together make a pretty awesome team. A chocolatey almond coconut goodness kinda team.

Homemade almond butter
Cookie dough + shredded coconut
MIxing bowl

But, beware! It’s easy to grab a few handfuls and shove them into your coat pockets (don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this). I’d advise against doing this, as these are meant to tide you over until lunch – not ruin your lunch. If you’re grabbing them on the go like me, pack a small bag the night before. Or else you’ll be setting yourself up for diet sabotage much too early in the day. Consider yourself warned.

If you’re looking for real deal almond joys, you can find ‘em here. And if you prefer raw foods to processed, keep your eyes peeled for a raw version of these babies on Oh, Ladycakes next week.

Thanks for having me, Jackie! You’re a gem <3

Almond joy cookie bites

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Cocoa-nut Quinoa Bites

By now, a lot of people know of Quinoa, even if they have no idea how to pronounce it. But, do we all know about the origins and benefits of it? The plant is grown for its grain-like seeds and it is actually a relative of beets, spinach and tumbleweeds. It is from the Andes region of South America and was successfully domesticated 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. The Incas held quinoa in high regard, even referring to it as the “Mother of all grains”, but when Spanish Conquistadors found the Incas, they dismissed the grain as “food for Indians” and suppressed its cultivation. But, now, quinoa is having its heyday and the UN has even declared 2013 as the year of Quinoa. Clearly, they are a little late to the party. ;)

As far as how good it is for you, the facts speak for themselves. Quinoa is a complete protein, containing 9 essential amino acids; the grain is also rich in iron, fiber, magnesium, manganese and Riboflavin (B2). It is really no wonder this “super food” has become immensely popular! Quinoa is also naturally Gluten-free, so it is a great addition to any Celiac’s diet, or anyone else for that matter.

So, now that you know a little more about quinoa, let’s get on to the recipe! I’ve made plenty of savory recipes with it before, so I figured now would be a great time to try out a sweeter one. Especially after that review on those Keen-Wah Decadence bars, Mmmm.. And the giveaway is still going on! Enter for your chance to win one of three Multi-packs from YogaEarth. Anyway, these little quinoa bites are filled with deliciousness, it’s a main ingredient. :P They are perfect for curbing your sweet tooth cravings!

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Blueberry Peach Chia Parfait

Believe it or not, there are mornings when my breakfast is not made up of oatmeal or smoothies. It has been a while since I’ve made something that had chia seeds as the star, usually I add them to smoothies or oatmeal (surprise, surprise!) for extra protein and fiber. Taking visual cues from Oh, She Glows, I made a “fancy” layered parfait with this sensational vanilla chia pudding with the best peaches I’ve had in a bit and deeply colored blueberries.

What I love about this parfait is that it’s incredibly easy to make, and pretty easy to assemble. I mean, honestly, who cares if it’s a little sloppy? It’s all getting eaten anyway! And really, you can customize this in an infinite amount of ways; I think that the next time I make one it will be very chocolatey and filled with peanut butter. Oh, yes… :D

But, that’s for another day, and possibly dessert. This refreshingly cool combination will take your mind off of the insane heat that’s been going around this summer, if not for just a few minutes.

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