Tomato Spinach Grilled Cheese Bread Bowl

It has been raining, well sprinkling really, all day today and the weather is nice and cool. No gusty winds or downpours, just enough rain drops to cover everything in a thin layer of water. It’s days like… Read More

Grilled Sourdough Sammie with Jalapeño Lime Aioli

Nicer weather is here again, after a couple of days of drizzly, sticky humidity, and I really couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect weather for being outside, taking care of my garden, getting out of the house and… Read More

Sourdough Spinach Seitan Sandwich

I bought this adorable (vegan) “loaf” of sourdough at Disneyland the other day, and it is delicious! I felt kinda bad eating it to tell you the truth, ha ha! But, never the less, I used Mickey’s ear… Read More


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