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Review: Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Greenpoint, NY.

I can’t remember exactly how it was that I heard about Vinnie’s Pizzeria but, my goodness, I’m so glad that I went there. The first time I had their pizza was at their Greenpoint location with my cousin. We were both starving and walked quite a ways to the pizzeria and were welcomed by the strong aroma of fresh pizza and garlic (I’m drooling just thinking about it!). They have a wide selection of omnivore and vegan pizzas, and will top any of the vegan slices with daiya if you’d like.

After talking with one of the guys that works there, I picked out the SUPER LOADED Veggie pizza and had them put Daiya Mozzarella on top of it, along with the T. Hanks BBQ Chicken Pizza. Both slices were SO good, honestly some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, besides my homemade pizza of course. 😉

The Veggie slice was topped with steamed broccoli, artichoke hearts, black olives, oven-roasted bell peppers, garlic sauteed spinach, onions, and mushrooms; I told you it was loaded! The T. Hanks slice was covered in mozzarella and cheddar shreds, BBQ chicken, red onion and BBQ Sauce; look at that picture and tell me that you’re not drooling!

The next time I went to Vinnie’s was with my boyfriend, and we made a late night stop by the Williamsburg location. I went against my craving for a gooey, cheesy daiya covered slice of pizza pie and went with a BBA slice topped with black beans, avocado slices, pico de gallo and faux feta. And on the side? Gluttony! Kidding… sort of. 😀 It was actually a faux ham and cheese roll paired with marinara sauce. Yum!

I’d have to say, I did love the ham roll and the pizza was good; but, I loved the Greenpoint location better. The people that worked there were super down to earth and it was more of a family spot, as opposed to the slightly obnoxious, hipster crowd of the Williamsburg location. I strongly recommend that you head over to the location nearest to you!


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Champs Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.

On my first Friday in New York, I went over to New York Adorned and got tattooed by Brad Stevens. It was a pretty cool experience and the shop had a good vibe and cool people working there. Brad is vegan so I asked him for some suggestions as far as good restaurants in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area, especially for a good breakfast. His first suggestion was Champs, a restaurant/bakery that has gone through some changes in the past year, for the better!

So, for a late breakfast the next day, my cousin and I ventured a mile or so in the unusually warm weather to Champs. We walked in and all of the tables were full with a short wait, so as soon as the seats at the counter opened up we grabbed them and set our eyes on the menu. I ended up getting the Bionic Breakfast that included a “mountain of potatoes with sauteed mushrooms, peppers and soysage topped with spicy tofu sauce” and my cousin got the BLT with tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce and veganaise on whole wheat bread.

The spicy tofu sauce was an awesome touch to the breakfast bowl, and I had a bite of the BLT and it was very good. My cousin isn’t vegan, but she said that she absolutely loved it! After that, we just HAD to get a dessert, since this place is part bakery after all. We decided to get the peanut butter chocolate tart, and split it in half. Although, out of the whole dessert, I ended up eating most of it and totally not regretting it. It had a super rich peanut butter chocolate filling in a chocolate cookie crust.

And the aftermath…

Ha ha! So, after a few cups of coffee and enjoying the food, I would have to say that I really enjoyed this place and I’d love to go back there someday! If you’re in the area I highly recommend heading over to Champs for some breakfast or lunch.


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