Vegan Chocolate Covered Fruit!

I feel like chocolate covered fruit is the perfect compromise between healthy and indulgent that makes for a great dessert.


1/4 Cup Vegan Carob Chips

1/4 Cup Semi-sweet Baking Chocolate (Make sure there’s no dairy in it!)

1 Tbsp. Non Dairy Milk (I used unsweetened rice milk)

1 Orange (peeled & pulled into segments)

4 Strawberries

2 Kiwis (skinned & sliced)


Get a small pot and fill it halfway with water, place a bowl that is wider than the pot over it and wedge it open with a folded cloth/napkin/paper towel. Turn up to medium heat and place rice milk, carob & semi-sweet chocolate chips into the bowl and stir every 2 minutes until all is combined and melted thoroughly.

Melted Chocolate

Next, skewer the fruit pieces with toothpicks and either dip them into the chocolate or drizzle them with it. Place on a sheet of wax paper on a plate and once they are all done transfer them to a refrigerator for at least an hour or two. Take them out and gobble them up, it’ll be hard to share these!

Chocolate Covered Fruit

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