I’m going to start Raw Wednesday off a little differently this week, and show you some videos of topics I have been looking into recently. I absolutely LOVE learning new things about food and what it can do for you, but also what foods can be bad for you. This is the first reason I became vegetarian and then vegan, and is why I try to keep changing my life for the better. Knowledge truly is power, people! Above is the first in a series of 8 clips from one speaker (it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds), that are a little over 3 years old but are still applicable as ever and I felt they are extremely informative! It’s starts off a little strange, but after the first video he starts getting more and more into telling us about what power foods are and how we can combine foods to optimize their nutrition. If you choose to watch, let me know what you thought and what your opinions are on things of this sort, please!I have some refreshing raw foods coming your way today! 🙂

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