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seehowyouare asked: Ch, ch! So I was going to call you and ask you, however I feel like these questions might come from some of your followers as well. What were some of the documentaries/reads did you research that spurred your jump into veganism? I’d love to know so I can do my own research 🙂

Ay girl! You’re so smart, great idea about sharing it with everyone else. When I first started reading about food/household products/etc. and what they’re actually made up of I read MANY, many sites.

One was, ChemicalFreeSkinny (which apparently isn’t being ran anymore) but here’s a link to their archives: ChemicalFreeSkinny. They have a lot of information from a TON of sources on chemicals, pesticides, hormones and additives in a lot of food products that are sold throughout the country.

One blog that I continue to read that offers a lot of info on animal cruelty, meat recalls, and various articles on the corruption of the dairy/meat industry is The Informed Vegan.

I also dare you to google “study on human meat consumption” (not cannabalism!), it’s not pretty.

I also became vegetarian, and then later vegan, because of it’s impact on the environment. It is extremely detrimental to the planet, and here is a great infographic that puts it into perspective (click on image to read article).


I can’t even tell you ALL of the sites I’ve looked at over time, but here are some other links that may interest you:

Natural News

Hipsterfood (has a GREAT section of links & resources for why and how to go vegan/vegetarian)

Huffington Post’s Green Section is good for all around news

Skinny Bitch– by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnonin (I have it, you can borrow it! ;])

I will probably keep adding to this post when I come upon more pages that I’ve read in the past, and that I will read in the future. Hope this helps you and anyone interested! 🙂
EDIT: Also, some documentaries that may interest you (most of which I haven’t seen, only read about) are:

Forks Over Knives


Meet Your Meat

Added from rmizzle: “ www.PETA.com has great things. I’m a vegetarian and PETA helped me become one. I was a vegan for a week, to become a vegan is really a lot of work and dedication. after my vegan week I became a vegetarian. I’ve been a vegetarian for 3 months now :)”

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