It’s a Juice Extravaganza!

Good morning everyone! It’s Raw Wednesday, and instead of having three separate posts for these delicious drinks, I am going to bundle them all up into one. 🙂 I’ll go over them from left to right and give you a basic breakdown of what is in each juice!

First up, the Power Breakfast Juice!

This juice was a mixture of apricots, carrots (don’t add to many!), strawberries, an orange and a fuji apple. After all ingredients are put through the juicer, add in 1 1/2 tbsp. of chia seeds and let it sit over night; shake it up in the morning and have a filling, nutrient packed breakfast!

Second, a silky smooth Mango Juice! (Made by my sister with my help ;])

Not only did we use mangos for this sweet juice, we also used carrots, blackberries, nectarines, and lemon juice. It was almost like dessert, but without the feelings of remorse afterward!

Third up is the Orange Juice without the Oranges!

This juice is great for those of you who like juices that aren’t too sweet. There’s a good balance of fruit vs. veggie in it with the cucumber, carrots, pears, peach and strawberries. Looking back at these juices, it seems like a need some more greens in my life! Time to go to the Farmer’s Market! 😀

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