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Reader’s Recipes: 6th Edition!

I skipped this feature last week because my life has been super busy lately, but here we are with another edition of Reader’s recipes! I love this idea, because I love to interact with you as the readers and see what you come up with, or how the recipes turned out for you (quality control ;])!

This week we have another post from Dirty Pans, but she made this vegetarian version of my Curry Lentil Soup by topping it with some Parmesan:

Have I mentioned how much I love soup? It’s the perfect meal. You can put your protein, good fats and complex carbs in, and you can have so many variations it never gets old. With Fall coming, what better meal than a bowl of hearty, healthy soup and an occasional glass of red wine?

This red lentil soup was inspired by the Vegan Yack Attack, who in turn got her inspiration from another vegan site. My version does not have rice, and I garnished with Parmesan cheese, which makes it vegetarian, but not vegan. I hope you try it, it’s truly delicious.

Thanks, Claudia, for trying it out! 😀

Have you ever made one of my recipes?

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