Raw Veggie Wrap with Zucchini Lentil Tortilla

I’ve been such a bad blogger lately! Forgive me, Vegan MOFO! This trip in New York has been keeping me so busy, and the WIFI signals are terrible here. So, here I am with a late Raw Wednesday post and another use for the awesome raw zucchini and lentil tortillas that I made the other week. Here I’ve used it to wrap up some crisp jicama, cool cucumbers, tomato wedges and carrots. This wrap paired up with some watermelon slices is a great meal that is satisfying and great for an obscenely hot October day like the ones that Southern Californians are having!

I definitely need to make some more raw dishes considering all of the bread I’ve been making as of late! I can’t wait to post some of those recipes for you guys, and tell you more about my trip. If you have any recommendations for places to eat in Mid-Manhattan, let me know!

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