Michigan & Enormous Produce

After my (too short) trip to New York, I flew to Michigan to visit family and celebrate my grandma’s 86th birthday. Most of my family here is from the Detroit area, but my grandparent’s house is pretty much in the middle of nowhere about 25 minutes outside of Cadillac. After meeting up with my parents, we headed up north and spent a few days there; unfortunately the weather sucked and it was freezing, windy, and raining.

But, the trip was relaxing and not all bad. One of the neighbors that we’re close with has a big garden and brought two HUMUNGOUS heads of kale, a baby-sized rutabaga, and a nice zucchini over for me to cook! I was totally overwhelmed by the size and quantity of the kale (pictured above) and it took me quite a while to trim and clean it, so get ready for a lot of kale recipes!

It’s really awesome to experience the middle of fall out here in Michigan, it’s nice and cool now with a breeze and the leaves are falling all around. I’m out here for another few days, so we’ll see what adventures I can find and I may just post some non-food pictures showing you where I’ve been. Do you think that’s a good idea? 🙂

Huge Rutabaga!

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