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Vegan Food Swap: April 2012

If you’re anything like me, you love getting things in the mail; well, besides a jury duty notice or bill. But, on the days that I have packages waiting for me on my doorstep it’s like a self-gifted present that I can’t wait to open up. In this case, though, it’s a complete surprise of vegan goodies! How? Cat of the Verdant Life set up an awesome vegan food swap amongst vegan bloggers just last month!

From Cat’s page on the swap guidelines:

How It Works:

1. Sign up by completing the form at the bottom of this page. (Sign up by May 4, 2012!)
2. On/about the 7th of the month, you’ll receive an e-mail from me containing the name and e-mail address of your Vegan Food Swap match. You’ll need to contact them to get their mailing address and any food specifics (allergies, gluten-free, etc.)
3. Collect items that you’ve purchased or made and box them up. Let’s keep the spending limit under $20.
4. Include a handwritten note to your match. You can explain why you chose certain items, offer suggestions on pairings, or include a recipe.
5. By the 15th of the month, ship your package to your Vegan Food Swap match. (Consider using USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes!)
6. On the last day of the month, post an entry on your blog about what you received, and be sure to include a shout-out to the person who sent you the box!

The awesome blogger that sent me a great box of goodies this month was Kathy Hester, author of the Vegan Slow Cooker and writer of Healthy Slow Cooking. She sent me some awesome ingredients and seasonings, as well as some amazing chocolate.

Here’s a list of what was in my goodie package:

  • Two different flavors of Liquid Smoke (which I already love!)
  • Pineapple Balsamic and Chocolate Balsamic (I can’t wait to use these)
  • Smoked Serrano Sea Salt and Meyer Lemon Sea Salt (yum!)
  • Rajma Masala Spice Blend (how does she know that these are some of my favorite flavors?)
  • Lily’s Dark Chocolate with Almond Chunks
  • Chipotle Chile & Vanilla Dark Chocolate (it’s amazing, in case you were wondering)
  • And a nice lil’ card!

This swap is a great way to find out about new and local (to someone else) products that are delicious and interesting. I can’t wait to use all of it, and the chocolate is almost gone. Oops.. 😉

Thanks again for all of the treats, Kathy!

You can check out all of the others below. 🙂


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Friday 17th of August 2012

I almost bought that chipotle chile and vanilla dark chocolate at Whole Foods the other day. Now I definitely need to get it!!


Friday 11th of May 2012

This is cool.. i am going to sign up after my this months foodie pen pal.. so much fun!


Tuesday 8th of May 2012

I signed up for this in Canada cuz it sounded cool, but looking at what you've received it's all just packaged junk food, snacks and seasonings. Can't anyone buy these things at the health food store? I thought it was about making people homemade vegan food and goodies and sending it to them because most people don't make you homemade vegan food...


Wednesday 2nd of May 2012

Will there be a confirmation page after we sign up? I just tried to sign up but I'm not sure if it worked.

Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

Wednesday 2nd of May 2012

There is no automatic confirmation email, although Cat should be emailing you to tell you that she's received your submittal. :)

Janet Hudson

Tuesday 1st of May 2012

Count me in...I have been lazy about starting one of these of my own!

Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

Wednesday 2nd of May 2012


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.