Vegan Cuts February Snack Box!

Some of you may have heard about the site Vegan Cuts, through past posts of mine; but, did you know that they have a monthly subscription snack box? No? Well, they do and it’s awesome! I got my first official one this month and am loving everything that’s included in it. It’s a great way to find out about new vegan products (food and otherwise) and try things that you might not normally try; this is because you don’t know what’s going to be in the box when you get it! A bit like a birthday, but without the awkward sweaters and horrible bath products.

What’s also great about this service, is that it ships to Canada! But, Jill (the co-founder) has informed me that it will take a bit longer to get to you and has an additional charge; I assure you that it’s worth the wait, in my opinion. Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that I got in the snack box, this month.

I received:

  • Sea Salt Lentil Chips
  • Surf Sweets Vegan Gummies
  • Ticolino Tea Sticks
  • Dang Roasted Coconut Chips
  • Pure Fit Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar
  • BudiFree Star Chai Bar
  • Righteously Raw Divine Mint Chocolate
  • Spearmint Vegan Hemp Balm(!)
  • Sjaak’s Chocolate Heart
  • and a Free Vegan Cooking Class!
  • Plus, a cute Vegan Cuts sticker 🙂

I was surprised, in a good way, at how good the Lentil Chips were! If they were a bigger bag, I probably would’ve eaten the whole thing for a meal. The crunch is great and they have the perfect amount of sea salt. I’ve had Surf Sweets Vegan Gummies and they are so much like “traditional” gelatin gummy snacks that it’s kind of crazy. These would be great for kids!

The roasted coconut was delicious! Like I needed another excuse to eat more than my fair share of coconut flakes. 😉 The Ticolino tea sticks are fun because you can use them as stirrers and they are easy to retrieve from your favorite mug. I tried the Earl Grey tea stick and enjoyed it.

And who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, don’t answer that, I wouldn’t want to judge you. *just kidding!* But, really, the mint chocolate was very good and had a subtle sweetness to it. The Sjaak’s heart, as little as it was, had a decadent, creamy chocolate filling and I loved every (read: two) bites of it. What’s funny about that brand is that I have a Dutch friend who calls me Sjaakie, because that is Jackie in Dutch; so every time I see Sjaak’s chocolate I feel a strange connection to it. 🙂

Overall, the box was great, and I still have a couple of snacks to finish; but, I highly recommend that you try it out. Before I forget, the box costs $19.99 USD including shipping; and I don’t know if you’ve looked at shipping rates lately, but that is a good deal! Also, tomorrow is the last day to order your March Snack Box!


Full Disclosure: I was sent this snack box for free, to review, but all words and opinions are honest and mine. There are affiliate links included in this post.

19 Comments on “Vegan Cuts February Snack Box!

  1. I have subscription and I love it! It’s so much fun to get to taste new and good vegan foods/products every month.

    • That’s awesome! It’s like Christmas every month. 😀

  2. Wow, I’m going to have to check this out! I subscribed to a fitness box a couple months ago and that was pretty fun. May have to look into this.

      • From what I’ve learned from friends who used to use their service and by witnessing certain things on their fb page, they have a tendency to overlook certain non-vegan items that include honey/beeswax/etc. in them and their customer service is terrible. This was a problem just recently for some people, so it’s something to be weary of.

      • Yes! I love the Conscious Box, it’s really neat to see how many vegan and earth friendly products are out there. What I especially like is that famous vegans choose the items. My favorite was Brendan Brazier’s box.

  3. This snack box looks like fun and yum:) It’s great that they ship to Canada! I just checked the website and the shipping charge is just $8. I’m definitely going to try it!

    • Great deal, right! I can’t wait to see what this month’s is like. 🙂

  4. Snack box looks so YUM!
    Thanks for inspiring people to try vegan fare…

    great blog!

    blog : global vegan fare

  5. I am in the very beginning stages of switching to vegan and this afternoon decided to check out some vegan blogs and came across this post, and OMG it is such a fantastic deal!!! I ordered it right away and I’m so excited to be able to enjoy fun little snacky things while still maintaining my nutritional values. Thank you so much for this awesome review!! 🙂

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