Vegan Kluski for Grandma

Vegan Kluski

Vegan Kluski Polish Food Vegan Kluski

As some of you may know, half of my family is Polish, so certain Polish/Eastern European food is special to me. One dish in particular is Golabki, which I’ve veganized before for Rika’s beautiful blog Vegan Miam. So, when Rika asked if I could do a guest blog for her this month, we both agreed that another vegan Polish recipe was in order!

Me and My Grandma

Let me give you a little background on this recipe: Kluski is really just a simple noodle/dumpling that is boiled and then traditionally served with a meat sauce; for a low-cost, filling meal. When my family and I would visit my grandparents in Michigan, this dish was made for us by my grandmother almost every trip. She would always serve it with a side of sliced tomatoes and maybe some corn or peas. Really colorful meal, right?

Well, one of the last times that I saw my grandmother, it was actually for my grandfather’s funeral. She was suffering from dementia, almost to full-blown Alzheimer’s at that point, she had macular degeneration (terrible vision) and couldn’t hear too well. It was nice to spend time with her, even though there were some rough moments. During that visit, I followed her around in the kitchen, helping her make Kluski for everyone and jotting down a recipe so that I could recreate it later on (this was a few months before I went vegan).

As you can see, I took some photos of her doing her thing, and I’ve always kept those memories near to my heart when I think about her. Clearly, it was time to find that scribbled mess of a recipe and veganize it for everyone! It was much easier to do than I had originally thought and the final product was seriously dead-on. I even had my parents try it to verify authenticity and they both are really excited about how the Vegan Kluski turned out.

To be honest, after getting the thumbs up from everyone and while I was taking the photos, it all felt a little bittersweet. I was stoked that I had recreated this recipe successfully, but it also made me miss my grandparents immensely. My dad now owns their property, so I’ll be happy if I get to go out to Michigan this year and go to their old house to get a little nostalgic while being amongst beautiful scenery.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought I’d share a little bit of why this simple dish means so much to me. You can find the Vegan Kluski recipe over at Vegan Miam, and while your there check out her entrancing photos from traveling all over the world!

Vegan Kluski

15 Comments on “Vegan Kluski for Grandma

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  2. Thank you for sharing a memory and recipe so dear to your heart. (((hugs)))

  3. What a lovely post. Food can be so entrenched in meaning and memories. It’s amazing how recreating a recipe can bring you back in time like that. It really is bittersweet. <3

  4. I saw your recipe on Vegan Miam and it totally reminds me of a dish that my mom used to make. It’s German and it is called Mehlknödel. The sauce was different but I think otherwise those are similar. So your post reminded me so much of my childhood. And I love the story about your grandmother. She looks like a very special woman and I can imagine how much you must miss her. I miss my mom a lot and I did not have Mehlknödel in years so I will definitely give your recipe a try and see how they taste! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and the story!

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