The Taco Cleanse Cookbook – Is it right for you?

The Taco Cleanse cookbook

The Taco Cleanse Unless you’ve been living under a large, dark rock, you may have heard about a lil’ ol’ cookbook by the name of The Taco Cleanse Cookbook: A Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life. Articles on this book have been spotted on websites like the, and even on gossip sites, mentioning how Jennifer Aniston (WHAT?!) is curious about this unique cleanse.

Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos

Jalapeno Popper Tacos

I happen to get my hands on a copy, written by the witty Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly Frisinger, and Jessica Morris. It opens up with a great disclaimer of the book containing “large quantities of total BS” and a hilarious foreword written by Laura Beck of Vegansaurus. In the first chapter they go over what you’ll need to outfit your pantry with taco-friendly ingredients, how eating tacos for every meal will impact you in a greatly positive manner, and shortcuts to help even the most time-pressed people get tacos into their life.

Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos from The Taco Cleanse Cookbook

I tried a few recipes from this book to see if The Taco Cleanse was right for me, and expand my knowledge of tacos in general. I made three taco recipes: Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos, Smoked Brisket and Jalapeño Mac and Cheese Tacos, and the Healing Jalapeño Popper Tacos; I also made the Mind-Limbering Michelada, because that was necessary for thorough research.

Vegan Smoked Brisket and Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Tacos

The chopped salad taco was easy and refreshing, plus flavorful and plant-based; the Smoked Brisket and Mac taco was my favorite, with an easy, homemade seitan recipe and nacho cheese sauced-mac. I had high hopes for the Jalapeño Popper taco, but was a bit let down with the execution (the bean cheese makes for a good dip, though); and the Michelada was refreshing and I would definitely make it again!

Smoked Brisket & Mac n Cheese Tacos

There are TONS of recipes for all kinds of dips, sauces, fillings, and toppings, so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. I look forward to checking out and making more of the components for my next taco party! Also, I highly recommend taking the “What Kind of Taco-Eater Are You” quiz, my result was “Taco Contortionist”!

Vegan Smoked Brisket & Mac n Cheese Tacos - The Taco Cleanse Cookbook

Most importantly, how did I feel after upping my diet’s taco-content? I felt like a taco rockstar! You can do it too, I believe in you. 😉 Thanks for everything, the Taco Cleanse Cookbook!

9 Comments on “The Taco Cleanse Cookbook – Is it right for you?

  1. they are going to be in Portland this weekend, and I AM NOT. boo. I was so looking forward to the event. I cannot wait to get back home and get cooking – that brisket is calling. my. name.

    • Oh man, that is SO unfortunate!! And seriously, the brisket is stupid easy to make and quite delicious!

    • It probably doesn’t help that I’m friends with the authors, but there have been articles all over the place! Definitely some tasty stuff inside of the book. 🙂

  2. It’s been popping up everywhere over the last couple of weeks! I love the concept haha it’s exactly what I need.

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