Fun Vegan Appetizers!

Image collage of several vegan appetizers including crostini, dip, baked cauliflower, and jalapeño poppers

New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and what better to serve at your gatherings than some fun, vegan appetizers? In this round-up you’ll find a variety of dips and finger foods ranging from light eats to the… not-so-healthy. Below, I’ve categorized them by dips, bites, and the rest (there will be some crossover)!

Image collage of several different vegan appetizers with text overlay reading "fun vegan appetizers"

I’m a huge fan of making a meal out of apps or tapas, so really, this list can apply to some many different occasions throughout the year. Whether it be a nice movie night with a partner, or

Best Fun Vegan Appetizers

Vegan Dips!

Spicy, cheesy, rich, and oil-free options abound; having dips on hand is a great way to keep folks satiated but not stuffed. Plus, you can have fun with the dippers!

Vegan Bites!

Food is cuter when it’s smaller, right? So that must mean it tastes better, too? I don’t think there’s scientific proof of this, but let’s just go with it. You can’t lose with the finger foods below!

Assorted Vegan Appetizers

Here are some classic party foods, with a twist. Dairy-free cheeseball? Check. Nachos with a buffalo sauce kick? Uh, HELL YEAH. And even some meat-free lettuce cups and a rustic flatbread with a savory cashew spread! Yummmmmm, indeed.

So make some tasty, vegan appetizers to end the year in the most delicious way possible! And if you subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive an exclusive party drink recipe that everyone can toast with at midnight. Plus, a little recap of 2017 and some of what’s to come for VYA in 2018! Everyone, enjoy your holidays and be safe out there! <3

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