Low-Effort Vegan Recipes by Black Creators

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Hey everyone! As I return to my “regular” blogging schedule, I’ve been working on this post the last few days, for a few reasons. One, there’s no easy way to transition from not posting at all, back to more “care-free” recipe content. Especially when it was for the sake of taking time to learn – while sharing many resources about systemic racism on other platforms. I felt that a more appropriate way to both address the state our world is in, while promoting Black creators, was to share their recipes that can help us all.

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Given that the last couple of weeks have had a surge of coverage in police brutality, and many atrocities, I think a lot of us, but especially Black people, are overwhelmed. Couple that with many of us trying to absorb information and new history in high volumes and you have a good equation for burnout.

That being said, we all still need to take care of ourselves and make sure that we are eating full meals that are nutritious. Or at the very least, comforting and satiating. I’ve helped put together this list of low-effort vegan recipes especially for this purpose! From breakfast to dinner, plus snacks and dessert, you’re covered. I’ve even included some bonus wellness bloggers at the end of the post!

Before I list the bloggers shown here, I’d like to say that I’ll be donated the ad revenue from this post to the ACLU. And a great way to show support for these bloggers is to click-through to their blogs so that they’re able to get some pageviews! <3

Bloggers mentioned:

Low-Effort Vegan Recipes

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you still need to take care of yourself and eat nutritious meals. This list of Low-Effort vegan recipes is here to help, and comes from some great, Black food creators!


While I love breakfast, there are some days where I just am not feeling coming up with how to feed myself. Take a tip from these recipes and make a stunning meal in no time at all!


These low-effort lunches are keepers for a busy work-week.


What a wonderful thing to have these dinners not only be low-effort, but also utterly comforting! Just what we need when we're feeling overwhelmed.

Snacks + Shareables

I'm a HUGE snacker, and love making small bites or plates of food that either I can share or that can be eaten throughout the day. To all you grazers out there, these recipes are for you!


Let's not forget about that sweet tooth! Low-effort desserts are essential to a happy existence, in my opinion.

For overall health and wellness I love these bloggers!

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Racism has been no mystery to me. Those who have any experience in the foster care system will know that they segregate young children by the color of their skin. I can still remember one of my case workers telling me that I couldn’t keep going to my school because they had to move me to a neighborhood where “people who looked like me” went to school. — — I’ve tirelessly searched for the appropriate words to describe how painful the last week has been. Frankly, I’m exhausted with the idea that I even have to. If you don’t believe an innocent beautiful black body dying is your problem, than you are a massive part of this problem. — — The fact that any person would fear losing followers by sharing their own words in support for black people takes racism to a whole new level. I’ve had so many white people ask me, “Is it hard being one of the few black women in the wellness industry?” To which I say, “EXCUSE ME?! BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE INVENTED WELLNESS!” — — Who do you think grows, and sources all of your tea, herbs, tinctures, tonics, and broths for your “wellness routine”? What cultures do you think started these rituals and remedies? The very culture you’re unlikely to support monetarily, and won’t support when we need you most.. — — Tell us you love us, please? SHOW US you care about us, please? SHOW US that we matter, please? LEARN ABOUT US, AND WHERE WE COME FROM, please? Once you learn, SUPPORT US monetarily, please? And lastly, but MOST IMPORTANT..Can you stop killing us, please? Can you tell your family and friends to stop killing us, please? Our fucking life depends on it..and we are who feed you, and build this country for you.. so that means your life depends on it too.. — — Thank you for reading, in pain and devastation—I love you #myhandsareup #pleasedontshoot

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I hope that going forward, if you haven’t already, you can make an intentional choice to follow people different from you. Food bloggers and vegans as groups are super white-washed, which is why posts like this are so important! I also hope that we all continue to further our education on issues that affect so many people negatively. Also, I saved a highlight of informative IG stories dealing with systemic racism, statistics, and history on my profile. Here’s a post I saw the other day that says it perfectly.

14 Comments on “Low-Effort Vegan Recipes by Black Creators

  1. Thank you for doing better. There’s room for both if not all lights to shine no matter the shade of the hand that holds the light. Continue to do better each and everyday that you have been given — it can only help.

    • Thank you, Brenda! And I also believe in those words. <3

  2. I feel so honoured to be featured amongst these amazing bloggers! I’m discovering some new faces myself and lots of new recipes to try. Thanks for sharing your platform with us Jackie!

    • It was absolutely my pleasure and I’m so glad that you could be a part of it!

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  4. Thank you for this. I found your post as I was making my grocery list. I don’t even know where to start, it all looks so good. I think I have my menu for the next week or two!
    Thank you also for feeling that the cause is imporant enough for you to SHOW UP and add your voice. We appreciate you!

    • Hi Thea, I’m so glad to hear that! And this is SO, so important, still sharing resources on IG and twitter regularly!

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    • Yes! Jenne is amazing! I had actually invited her to be a part of the list but didn’t hear back, but I do suggest her to many, many people!

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