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Best Vegan Persimmon Recipes

Are you enticed by persimmons in the winter but perplexed on what to do with them once you get them home? Let me help you out with some of THE BEST vegan persimmon recipes!

Image collage of various vegan dishes with text reading "Best Vegan Persimmon Recipes"

From breakfast to dessert, with a couple fun savory recipes mixed in too, I have some great dishes to inspire you. Now, before we get into the list, I always love to share my illustrator friend Stacy Michelson’s illustration about persimmons. So informative, AND adorable!

person holding an illustrated poster about persimmons

About Persimmons:

As Stacy mentions in here illustration, there are two most common types of persimmon (in the US): fuyu and hachiya. Personally, fuyus (the tomato-lookalike) are my favorite because you don’t have to wait until they’re mushy to eat them. Plus, they’re not astringent like hachiya persimmons. Meaning, you shouldn’t eat a hachiya persimmon before it’s very ripe, or else you will have a VERY poor experience.

Several Hachiya Persimmons on a wood cutting board

Because of the very soft texture of hachiya persimmons they’re excellent in baked goods or even sauces! In the list you’ll see them featured in muffins, cheesecake, and more. Because of the more firm structure of fuyu persimmons, they’re wonderful in salads, breakfasts, or just sliced up! Easy enough, right? 😉

Crostini with vegan cream cheese and thinly sliced fuyu persimmon on top

When I explain the flavor of persimmons to those that haven’t had them yet, I do my best, saying that they’re as if an apple and a peach had a cinnamon-y baby. Lol! They’ve definitely become something I look forward to enjoying at the end of Fall each year.

Best Vegan Persimmon Recipes

From breakfast to dessert to snacks, these vegan persimmon recipes are sure to delight! There are also plenty of allergy-friendly options for those that need them.

If you’re looking for more recipe round-ups, try some of the ones below!

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Donna Creamer

Monday 14th of December 2020

With this Persimmon post, you have officially become one of the best Vegan newsletters I have ever received! Thank you 🙏 so much!


Saturday 12th of December 2020

I've just started using persimmons and LOVE them! So glad to have found this post - what a great line up!


Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Excellent round up. Thank you for including my recipe. Love all the other recipes too. This is great to use up the persimmon fruit in a variety of ways.

Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

Thursday 10th of December 2020

Of course! I love the use of them in the soup, I've never thought of that before!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.