Strawberries & Cream Coffee Cake

Strawberries & Cream Coffee Cake What a weekend! It all started when I got out of work late Friday night and got to baking some vegan and vegan/gf cupcakes for a friend’s wedding. Stayed up late, afraid that… Continue Reading Strawberries & Cream Coffee Cake

Piece of coffee cake on a small plate with the rest behind it, on a cooling rack

Mixed Berry Coffee Cake

A fresh blend of berries and soft, sweet cake make this mixed berry coffee cake a brunch-time winner! It’s best when served with a hot cup of tea or coffee, and great for groups. I’m pretty confident that… Continue Reading Mixed Berry Coffee Cake

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Halloween is over, and for the second year in a row I have not let my jack-o-lanterns go to waste. After chopping out their faces, morbid I know ;), I baked them, scooped out their flesh and bagged… Continue Reading Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Mocha Oatmeal!

Need an extra boost this morning? Maybe you’re hungover and have a busy day ahead of you? (Guilty as charged) This oatmeal has the nutrients to start your day off right, but with an lil’ kick of caffeine… Continue Reading Mocha Oatmeal!