pistachio cheesecake topped with fresh berries, on a white plate, on a marble counter

Gluten-free Pistachio Cheesecake

This Gluten-free Pistachio Cheesecake is light green in hue and straight up delicious. Plus, it’s vegan! Top it with some seasonal berries for a pop in flavor and color. Continue Reading Gluten-free Pistachio Cheesecake

Slice of strawberry swirl cheesecake on a white plate

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake and Giveaway!

A luscious Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake with graham cracker crust, and swirled dairy-free filling! From the Decadent Gluten-free Vegan Baking Cookbook. If for some reason you have never been to the blog Fork & Beans, you may be living under a… Continue Reading Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake and Giveaway!

Buffalo Chickpea Ranch Pizza

Buffalo Chickpea Ranch Pizza

Impossible to resist, this Buffalo Chickpea Ranch Pizza beats them all! Oh, and it’s VEGAN! Make this for a supremely tasty dinner, or bring it to a party. [wprm-recipe-jump] To tell you the truth, I’ve been trying to… Continue Reading Buffalo Chickpea Ranch Pizza

Image of two vegan pizzas on a wood table

Vegan Pizza Party!

Need help throwing a vegan pizza party? Vegan Cuts and I are here to help! I’ve set you up for success with these easy-to-make options. [wprm-recipe-jump] Breaking News! I was lucky enough to help curate the Vegan Cuts… Continue Reading Vegan Pizza Party!