Image of multi-colored smoothies, layered into two glasses, on a platter.

Layered Strawberry Peach Smoothie

Summer time means eating as much cold food as possible, and this year has been no different! As much as I love smoothies I don’t have them often throughout the other seasons. But, Summer? They’re basically what I’m… Continue Reading Layered Strawberry Peach Smoothie

These Toasted Quinoa-Stuffed Mangos are filled with fresh fruit, lots of protein, and wonderful flavors from cacao nibs and creamy quinoa! #Vegan #Glutenfree #HeartYourself #Soyfree

Toasted Quinoa-Stuffed Mangos

It may sound hard to believe, but a lot of times I don’t switch up my breakfasts much. I mean, I LOVE breakfast food. A lot. Those days when your first priority is getting coffee inside of you,… Continue Reading Toasted Quinoa-Stuffed Mangos

two glasses of dessert for breakfast smoothie on marble with bananas

Protein-Packed Dessert for Breakfast Smoothie!

When you don’t have time to make elaborate breakfast recipes, and want to be on the healthier side, a great smoothie recipe is the way to go. This Dessert for Breakfast Smoothie is rich and delicious, but also… Continue Reading Protein-Packed Dessert for Breakfast Smoothie!