Top 13 Recipes of 2013!

It wouldn’t be the end of the year if there wasn’t a top recipe list on here, right? Last year’s was awesome, but we may have topped it! Take a look at which recipes I made this year… Read More

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Veggie Dog Bites

A delicious and comforting appetizer that brings back memories of your childhood. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Veggie Dog Bites! Now, here’s a recipe based almost solely on feelings of nostalgia, or Noshtalgia, as the cute and clever Amey as… Read More

Mini Pizza Pies!

These delectable Mini Pizza Pies are not only adorable, but fun to make and vegan! They serve as a great appetizer, and are very kid-friendly. It’s Sunday, and I am worn out. I feel like that’s pretty common… Read More


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