Vida Vegan Conference- Blogger Recap Pt. 3!

I have for you the last installment in my recap of the Vida Vegan Blogger Conference 2013. The part where I talk about all of the amazing people I encountered, how I felt/feel now that it’s over and… Read More

Vida Vegan Conference 2013

Vida Vegan Conference 2013-Classes Recap Pt. 2!

As you may have seen, I posted part 1 of this series on Friday, talking only about the food that I experienced while in Portland for Vida Vegan Conference 2013. In this recap, I’ll be going over some… Read More

Vida Vegan Conference 2013-Food Recap Pt. 1!

Finally, the recap that I’ve been totally intimidated to write-up, if only because of the length and sorting through SO many pictures. But, I’m back from Vegan Utopia aka Portland, OR. and I’m ready to show you how… Read More


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