Spicy Spinach Dinner Wraps

Extremely easy-to-make, and light dinner.. Unless you make too much and eat it all like me. ha ha Anyways, you can really make this recipe with almost any vegetables in your fridge, but I used sliced baby carrots,… Read More

Pita Stuffed with Sauteed Parsnip Greens

Beet green mix made of bell peppers, onions, chives, cherry tomatoes, beet greens, garlic, hot pepper sesame oil (so good!), and sriracha. There is cashew cheese spread inside the pita for added creamy texture and sweetness. Sorry for… Read More

Spicy Tomato Cabbage Soup

Tomato Cabbage soup that I made for dinner tonight, nice and spicy with all of the red pepper I put in it!


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