Today, I'm giving new Sweet Earth Foods frozen entrees a try! Let's see how their convenient Aloha BBQ Quesadilla, and vegan Cauliflower Mac score. #vegan #sweetearthfoods #nutfree #convenient #veganreview #sponsored

Review: Sweet Earth Foods Frozen Meals – BBQ Quesadilla // Cauliflower Mac

If you’ve ever glanced at a vegetarian section in a grocery store you’ve seen Sweet Earth Foods frozen entrees. Today, I’m giving their convenient Aloha BBQ Quesadilla, and vegan Cauliflower Mac dishes a try! Let’s see how it… Read More

This Curry Cauliflower Burrito is easy-to-make, filled with awesome flavors, and can even be frozen for weekly lunches! Made with delicious Sweet Earth Foods’ Curry Satay. Mmm.. #vegan #nutfree #veganyackattack

Curry Cauliflower Burrito + IG Giveaway

As I’m working on this second cookbook, freezer burritos have quickly become a part of my life. So, when I saw the new Curry Satay Seitan from Sweet Earth Foods, I knew. I KNEW I needed to make… Read More

Review: Sweet Earth Foods Korean Japchae & Pad Thai, vegan, frozen entrees! Perfect for an utterly delicious, convenient meal. #vegan #sweetearthfoods

Korean Japchae + Pad Thai – Sweet Earth Review

Sometimes, convenience really does come first. Usually, I love cooking at home all of the time, and making things from scratch. Of course, I’m prone to taking some short cuts, but typically I’m trying to get creative while… Read More


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