Pizza #1: Asian Fusion Pizza!

Making pizza at home is an awesome thing, you can personalize it any which way and use whatever ingredients you want. Taking that into consideration, I’ll give you the low down on what I threw on here, but… Continue Reading Pizza #1: Asian Fusion Pizza!

Seitan Pepperoni!

Today is going to be Pizza Party Tuesday, just for this week! So, to start it off with a bang I’ll share with you a recipe for Seitan Pepperoni, yum! I used a recipe from FatFreeVegan with minor… Continue Reading Seitan Pepperoni!

Raw Creamy Vegetable Soup

And the last post for Raw Wednesday today, is an energizing soup that I made for dinner. You’d be surprised by how filling one serving of this is! Really, you can make this type of soup using any… Continue Reading Raw Creamy Vegetable Soup

White plate with a lasagna roll on it, with casserole dish in background

Vegan Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna Rolls

These spinach and mushroom lasagna rolls are a fun way to switch up a classic, family meal! Less layering, and great for bulk-cooking meals, plus highly customizeable.