Reader’s Recipes: 7th Edition

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that yours has been great so far! 🙂 Today we have Janna back with us, as she has created my seitan sausage crumbles. Here’s how she went about making them: I never follow… Continue Reading Reader’s Recipes: 7th Edition

Reader’s Recipes: 6th Edition!

I skipped this feature last week because my life has been super busy lately, but here we are with another edition of Reader’s recipes! I love this idea, because I love to interact with you as the readers… Continue Reading Reader’s Recipes: 6th Edition!

Reader’s Recipes: 5th Edition!

Because it was a holiday yesterday, I moved this feature to today for just this week. Here we have a great and different rendition of my Spicy Mushroom Tacos with Eggplant Tortillas, and look at that plate, so… Continue Reading Reader’s Recipes: 5th Edition!

Reader’s Recipes: 4th Edition!

This dish is super simple, but the taste is refreshing with the combination of crisp, cool cucumbers and sweet peaches. It’s perfect as a lunch salad of sorts or as a side dish for any summer meal. My… Continue Reading Reader’s Recipes: 4th Edition!