Image of three Champagne glasses filled with watermelon hibiscus mimosas, on a marble table top, surrounded by ingredients.

Watermelon Hibiscus Mimosas

I know, I’ve been teasing you with this recipe for a bit. But, good news, it’s finally here! What could be more perfect for Summer brunches than refreshing watermelon? Oh, I know! Combining it with hibiscus (jamaica) tea,… Continue Reading Watermelon Hibiscus Mimosas

Gluten-free Blackberry Banana Cake with Vegan Whip - Delicious, light, and perfect for Spring! Especially with these cute plates from Lenox

Fluffy Gluten-free Blackberry Banana Cake with Vegan Whip

I know that some of you *cough* East Coast *cough* are buried in snow, at the moment, but in Southern California Spring is here! You know what that means? Plenty of berries, beautiful produce, and more daylight. For… Continue Reading Fluffy Gluten-free Blackberry Banana Cake with Vegan Whip

Lemon Berry Cheezecake Parfait stacked in glass jars on a white table

Lemon Berry Cheezecake Parfait

These stunning cheezecake parfaits are layers of creamy, lemony cheezecake filling, mixed berry topping and a nutty crust crumble. Deliciously dairy-free! Where I’m at it feels like Winter is moving at warp-speed into Spring (maybe even Summer), and… Continue Reading Lemon Berry Cheezecake Parfait

Banana Berry Smoothie

Banana Berry Smoothie

A refreshing Banana Berry Smoothie that is bursting with berries and flavor, and packs a nutritional punch! Get your greens without even knowing. 😉 [wprm-recipe-jump] Who doesn’t love a smoothie? They are super easy-to-make, (usually) a healthy meal… Continue Reading Banana Berry Smoothie