Banana Cacao Chia Pudding

Banana Cacao Chia Pudding

Easy, flavorful, and nutrient-dense, a bowl of this Banana Cacao Chia Pudding is a great way to start your morning! (Or even have as a post-gym snack) I feel as though it’s been quite some time since I… Read More

Chocolatelove: Chocolate Coconut Soft Serve

I’m going to try to keep this post a lil’ brief today. Not only because it’s my boyfriend and I’s 3rd anniversary (it’s been that long?!) and we are going ice skating tonight, but also because I just… Read More

Chocolatelove: Raw Cacao Green Smoothie!

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and I hope that each and every one of you had a good, if not great, day. Mine was filled with some yummy vegan food, more importantly, desserts! But, now, it’s back… Read More

Vegan Double Chocolate Cake Cookies

Double Chocolate Cake Cookies

Make these Double Chocolate Cake Cookies for a special someone, or bring them to a party! You’ll be everyone’s favorite friend. 😉 Sometimes I get festive, and it could be for the most random of holidays. Did I… Read More