Vegan Supreme Nacho Burger

Supreme Nacho Burger

This Supreme Nacho Burger has a chip-crusted black bean patty, rich cashew queso, guacamole, crunchy romaine and spicy peppers! A super bowl crowd-pleaser! [wprm-recipe-jump] You can’t avoid it, the Super Bowl is happening this Sunday and this means… Continue Reading Supreme Nacho Burger

Close up of top-down view on vegan Mac and cheese nachos

Macho Mac and Cheese Nachos

 I think the nickname for this month’s theme should be Carbs on Carbs on Carbs, but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as Return of the Mac MoFo; plus I can’t imagine that the theme song would be… Continue Reading Macho Mac and Cheese Nachos

A large burrito stuffed with Mac and cheese and topped with red sauce

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burrito with Red Sauce

A tasty spin on your typical burrito, this Mac Burrito is topped with a homemade red sauce and stuffed with all kinds of awesome! It’s pretty well-known that there is an existing Mac ‘n’ Cheese burrito in the… Continue Reading Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burrito with Red Sauce