Savory, filling and delicious, this Crustless Bacon Brussels Quiche is easy-to-make and great for brunch or dinner! #vegan #vegetarian #glutenfree @Veganyackattack

Crustless Bacon Brussels Quiche

During the late fall and most of winter, I feel as though I go between eating awesome brunches and great dinners, for the holidays. Everything in between is mostly snacking and maybe a smoothie or two. While I’m… Continue Reading Crustless Bacon Brussels Quiche

This Brussels Sprout Butternut Squash salad is the perfect, colorful recipe for your holiday table! And the oil-free, creamy dressing is amazing. #vegan #soyfree @VeganYackAttack

Brussels Sprout Butternut Squash Salad with Creamy Dressing

I’m going to be straight up with you. Thanksgiving is notorious for being a brown food holiday. And, as much as I love food that is in that color family, sometimes you have to bring in a gorgeous… Continue Reading Brussels Sprout Butternut Squash Salad with Creamy Dressing

Savory Rosemary Veggie Oats

Savory Rosemary Veggie Oats

Give Savory Rosemary Veggie Oats a try with this full-flavored dish packed with veggies, that is very easy to make. To someone who has never tried making or eating savory oats, they might sound a little strange. Usually,… Continue Reading Savory Rosemary Veggie Oats

Raw Curly Kale Chips

I’ve been wanting to make these every since I got my dehydrator (which I LOVE), and they turned out so delicious! The execution is very easy, and these satisfy that craving for salty, crunchy chips and are much… Continue Reading Raw Curly Kale Chips