This Iced Cinnamon Whiskey Chai is spicy, cool and perfect for the holidays! Made with delicious Rebbl Ashwaganda Chai Elixir @Veganyackattack #rebbl

Iced Cinnamon Whiskey Chai

We are nearly half way through December and in the thick of holiday celebrations. This means putting some effort into holding conversations with people you may not know, as well as the folks that you maybe know too… Continue Reading Iced Cinnamon Whiskey Chai

Vegan Cinnamon Knots

Cinnamon Knots with Glaze Dip

┬áCinnamon Knots Raise your hand if you’ve ever had garlic knots? If you have you know that they are delectable morsels of chewy dough, baked with garlic and either butter or oil and salt (non-vegan ones are topped… Continue Reading Cinnamon Knots with Glaze Dip

Mango lime sorbet in a white bowl with mint garnish

Mango Lime Sorbet

This refreshing Mango Lime sorbet is no-churn and really easy to make. Plus it has a kick from Malibu Rum! Vegan, Dairy-free, Nut-free Continue Reading Mango Lime Sorbet

Halloween & Sugar Cookies!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I love the creativity involved in this holiday but, because it’s officially here, it means that Vegan MOFO 2011 is over! Boooo! Overall, it’s been fun sharing my adventures with everyone and finding out about… Continue Reading Halloween & Sugar Cookies!