This Iced Cinnamon Whiskey Chai is spicy, cool and perfect for the holidays! Made with delicious Rebbl Ashwaganda Chai Elixir @Veganyackattack #rebbl #sponsored #recipe

Iced Cinnamon Whiskey Chai

We are nearly half way through December and in the thick of holiday celebrations. This means putting some effort into holding conversations with people you may not know, as well as the folks that you maybe know too… Read More

Raw Zucchini Squash Sandwiches with Sprouted Hummus!

This dish makes a great lunch or dinner, and you can really customize it to whatever veggies you have on hand. The squash is FROM MY GARDEN (and huge), and for the filling I used Homemade Sprouted Chickpea… Read More

Miso Soup with Vegetables

I made this for dinner on Monday and it was light, but filling. In the soup are carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, chickpeas, cabbage, and leeks (plus miso paste); and it was perfect with a nice large cup… Read More


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