10 Great Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts

It may be the 13th, but you certainly have time to crank out a couple of these 10 Great Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts! I’m not even suggesting that you share them; if anything treat yo’ self! <3

Vegan Mini Blueberry Cardamom Donuts

Mini Blueberry Cardamom Donuts

Can we all agree that on some level the cuter the food, the better it tastes? This recipe for example: Mini Blueberry Cardamom Donuts!! Donuts are already loved by so many, but when you make them small they… Read More

Mini Chocolate Chip Banana Cheesecake & EatPastry Review

You know those times, when you were a kid/teenager/depressed adult when you loved to eat raw cookie dough? I mean, it’s seriously hard to beat pre-made sweets that are just as good, if not better, before baking as… Read More


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